Monday, 24 December 2007


Got my monthly Friday night and felt like crap ever since.

Gained 200 grams this week so I am back up to 118.9 grrrr but I suppose I should know by now that I lose one week and gain the next even though I tracked and didn't do much different than I did the week before grrr what the hell is up with my body.

The last couple of days I have been doing creative things... painting my new paper trays that my husband made for my scrapbooking paper... soooooo exciting. I chose white and I shouldn't have grrr because it is the hardest thing to paint as you have to do at least 3 coats instead of 2 coats.

Had a BBQ on Saturday with Pam and my MIL at our place and it was a great night and the BBQ is fantastic. We went up to the temple to see the Christmas lights and I got to use my camera and tried a lot of different ways to take the photos so they would come out at night time... and some artistic ways too and I think they turned out ok he he he. I might even do a Xmas page with them tomorrow as Xmas day is going to be a chill out day apart from the getting the Xmas lunch done.

I have wanted to spend spend spend lately and can't seem to control the spending... and it isn't like I have the money to do it... sometimes I think I spend when I am depressed with my life and there is no other thing that is satisfying it? The spending isn't making me feel any better.... hmmm but really there isn't anything that I am unhappy with as far as I know... as I have a wonderful hubby, great family, great home etc... there isn't anything there that I am unhappy about.

Ok Pictures are out of order and can't be stuffed to fix he he he

Look at my ham yummmmmmmy.... I did it with watties bit on the side sweet chilli and rum and oranges hmmmmmmm.... it was beaut.

Day before Xmas we were watching Jamie Oliver and he was making pizza's so we made them for dinner yummmy.... he he he so the first two photos were food ones oops... but I have been ok with my food and not really going over board but not tracking and I will gain but it is just one week in the year that I am not going to track and then I am back on track on Saturday so I am not unhappy about that at all.. plus I have my monthly so in a funk anyway he he it came at the right time.

Christmas Eve we went pea and potatoe picking with Pam, Brianna and Adam and had sooooo much fun and it was a nice day for it.

This is with our haul of peas and potatoes and me in shorts arghhhhhhh hubby taking photos of me with those chubby legs he he he

Corbin loves shelling the peas so he sat down to do that and then mum and Quinn joined in while I did the ham.

Yummmy fresh peas.

This is Pam and then Brianna and the boys running up ahead... such a lovely day.

Unfortunatley for us the peas were all in with the weeds so we had to try and find them he he but the boys were having fun.

Decided this year we would get red potatoes and oohhhh they were yummy cooked and left for cold with olive oil, garlic, paprika, parsley on them OMG I looveee them like this.

We went out on Saturday night to look at the lights and I got some nice photos.

Above is mum and Corbin playing uno spin it was nice to see them playing a game and not sitting and watching tv geesh.

This is Corbin and his friend Lachlan playing rugby in the front yard.... how cute.

Corbin in front of some Xmas lights at Temple View Church.

I decided to be creative with the camera and told Quinn to keep still and I moved the camera so it made the lights go funny he he.

Aren't these lights just beautiful and half of them are those bulbs that conserve energy or something... and by next year they will all be replaced with them.

Hubby.... isn't he just cute he he he

The temple from afar is beautiful.

We had the brassier going so we could roast marshmellows on the Saturday night when we got the BBQ going (that Jeremy got from his mum for Xmas (but early he he)).

All my boys cooking how cute. Pam took this photo above but I think she moved the camera too soon.

So they were the photos before Xmas and I was supposed to upload them but saved them to draft instead grrr but here they are now.


Merry Xmas everyone.


Felicity said...

loved the photos looks like your Christmas was a special one EXCELLENT

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Mandy,

Loved seeing your christmas photos, I must start taking more as I always love looking at pic's and they are great to keep the memories alive in the future.
I should start carrying my camera with me in my car as I often think "I wish I could take come photos of this" but the camera always seems to be left at home.

Have a lovely break off work and don't stress about the 200g. Its christmas and would be the absolute hardest time of the year to try and lose, so a small gain is nothing.

take care