Monday, 17 December 2007

My Italian Charm Bracelet

I am proud of my loss this past week... and hubby was too that he gave me my Italian charm bracelet and one link so that I can start my bracelet. It isn't expensive but it means a lot to me. I thought I had put it on here but remember that I made a comment on Lyn's blog telling her that is what hubby and I have decided on for my challenge.

Everytime I lose a kilo he buys me a link. My first one is a link with a gold heart and little diamentes. So I got my first link for getting to 118 and my next link will be for getting to 117 and as we had discussed it won't be everytime I get to that number... so if I gain and then lose again and I get back to the 118's I don't get another link until the 117 and downward ya know... that was the deal we made so that I strive for something and that it isn't too expensive so that I have to say no I won't get it right now because I can't afford it. So my hubby brought this last week knowing that I was going to reach the 118's OMG I was over joyed...

Anyway I have to write about the Coromandel trip but I have so much to do tonight. If I have time I will upload the photos and tell you about it. I caught the most fish and the biggest fish woohooo and it was my first time fishing... Had a fantastic time..

So stay tuned.




Helena said...

congrats on the loss gorgeous! Fishing is not my forte, borrrrrrrrringggggggg, but so glad you had a fab time - just being on the Coromandel Peninsula would have been reward enough for me! I love the place

Abba said...

Your hubby is so sweet!

Kate said...

Oooh yay!

Oooh lucky you going fishing! I haven't been for years, I loooooove it!

Rachel said...

Oooooh take a photo of your braclet too.

I've only tried fishing a couple of times and I was USELESS!