Monday, 31 December 2007

New Years Resolutions 2008

My New Years Resolutions

I know people do these resolutions and don't stick to it but I haven't been doing too badly since 2004 when I did my first New Years Resolution and I have been chipping away at this weight. I am also doing little things on my resolution list for me to tick off..

1: To get to 99.9 kilos by December 2008.. OMG I have to get to that magic number I just have to. I am 119.2 kilos at the moment (lowest this year was 118.7 kilos). I need to stop stuffing around and actually work hard at getting this weight off as I have maintained for too long.

2: To actually do the Huntly 10km Walk as I was supposed to do it last year but did my back in.

3: Do more creative stuff in my room and try and sell them.

4: Go to the gym at least twice a week

5: Run on the treadmill for 5 minutes continuously (I can do it for a minute at the moment)

6: Take an art class with hubby and learn to draw either painting or learning to life draw something like that.

7: Save some money for a change

8: Use our caravan at least 6 times this year to get out money's worth out of it.

9: Learn a language maybe Italian?

10: Do a Digital Scrapbook page a month

11: Take lots of photos

12: To make sure every 6 weeks I get a new gym program and really try hard to stick to it and go for gold.

13: Keep going on the weight loss journey and NEVER give up and really try.

14: Associate with positive people and not to get caught up in negative talk at work.

15: WIN LOTTO and pay off mortgage he he he... ok had to put a dream in there.

Going to achieve this year.

Going to see that magic number 99... gonna gonna gonna.


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just janene said...

Yep, 99kgs, here we come!! We're gonna do this Mandy, I feel so positive about the upcoming year, I just know that we will get there :) *hugs*