Thursday, 20 December 2007

Full on!!!

Woke up this morning with Jeremy in the shower and Quinn was up in the bed hugging me... it was so nice.. I treasure these moments because it gets to the stage where one day they won't want to know you and so I am treasuring those moments like anything.

Finished the gym's wine bottle labels Tuesday night and gave them to the owner on Wednesday night so should be getting the money today woohoooooo.... he was happy with them so I was pleased.

I am still getting compliments from people at school that saw the clock OMG I didn't think it would bring on so much drama he he he... quite liking it really. Corbin's teacher came up to me this morning and handed me a present... I looked at her all puzzled and said "why??" and she said said because you have helped me out all year and came in to do things and you also did those wonderful scrapbook pages to give to the kids today and it was amazing so thank you" Wow I had a tear coming down my cheek as I didn't expect it because I did it because it was my son's class and because I love helping him out.... and I only came in to help about 3 times where I went in every week religiously to Quinn's class for spelling and she didn't even thank me and that woud have been the only thing I would have wanted.

Well we find out at 12.30 what class they will be in next year ARGGHHHHHH so I hope that it is going to be a nice teacher and students next year... Corbin's best friends mum Ange (who comes to our coffees sometimes) said to me "you better be here this avo as I want to know where Corbin is going to be in regards to Cathan which is sooo nice and means that she is happy for them both to be in the same class and friends... which also makes me feel good that the mum loves my son wohoooo... I know as his mum he is fabulous but having another mum expressing that she likes my son with hers is a nice thing.

My mother in law came to the school yesterday afternoon as well as my mum to see Corbin's class do a dance for us all it was sooo cute and it was nice to have my MIL come too as she is a High School teacher so can't get in to the school... Corbin was sooo proud to do the dance in front of them.

OHHHHHH and she came over on Tuesday night after phoning to see if Jeremy was there and when she got here she said to Jeremy can you please back my car in to your garage....???? so I took my car out of the garage and when he backed the car in the garage she said she needed help to take his present out of the car WTF....what the hell could it be OMG OMG OMG she brought him a 6 burner BBQ with a lid and a roaster bloody hell and it was all in two boxes so he has to put it together but that is ok as he loves putting things together BLOODY HELL I just couldn't believe it. We were so lucky.. because she doesn't usually buy expensive gifts... and ON TOP OF THAT she brought a present for me to go under the tree. OMG I would have been happy with just the share in the BBQ he he he.

Been out doing the last of my little shopping... I had finished but wasn't happy with what I had gotten for my father in law etc so I got some little things to go with it.

I have been trying my hardest to get to the computer and update every day but have just not managed it...

OH and BTW I am on holiday woohoooooooo.... no work till 7th January OMG that is bloody fantastic..


Diet has been ok this week... not wonderful but I have been to the gym twice this week and I am going tomorrow morning as mum is looking after the boys so that will be good.

Anyway better get my backside ready to pick up the boys...




Picked up the boys and when I was in Corbin's class his teacher Miss Lauren Murphy was telling them how great they were and that they could achieve anything they put their minds too and that she thought they were all the nicest, brightest kids she has ever had and it was a previledge etc OMG and then in front of all the parent she handed out the scrapbook pages to the class (all laminated OMG) and said that Corbin's mum made them and all the parents went oohhhh and ahhhh OMG. The last straw (that made me want to cry) was that Corbin had made a book (spiral bound) that he had made an autobiography and then at the end he dedicated it to his Mum OMG I had tears and one of the parents were looking over my shoulder and smiled soooo cool that was the best thing ever.

Then went to pick up Quinn from his class (after leaving Corbin's class with all the parents still there talking to the teacher etc) to an empty class with only Quinn and one other kid there and no parents or kids... it was a sad thing and all she said was Goodbye Quinn and that was it... we walked out and said have a good Xmas but what a difference I mean.... wow how does someone become a Head of a department and not have a personality or conversation skills... it is beyond me.

So as usual all the parents milled around outside to see what class everyone else's child was going to..

Corbin's best friend is in a different class next year (he has been with Corbin for 3 years now) so that was weird.... but I think it will be good as Corbin needs to make some new friends as it is good to have lots I reckon.

Corbin has Lisa Smith and Quinn has Paula Schiwikkard (I am putting this down because it is a record for me for my kids when they get older... he he). I have been told that Corbin's teacher is the head teacher for year 4 and that she is strict but a great teacher and that Quinn's teacher is Paula Schiwikkard and she is South African and is the kindest caring lady OMG THAT IS SOOOOOO great as he needs a teacher that is caring and supportive as he achieves more with teachers like that.

Ok so after that we went to my friends Cherryls for a get together with the avo tea girls this year he he he and sat around and had cake (he he he) and drinks while the kids were in the pool and trampoline it was a great afternoon.... nice friends, kids happy and one of the dads was there too and he is really nice to get on with and it was his birthday so we laughed the whole afternoon.

Finished two brag books full of my scrapbook pages for my mother in law and my father inlaw and step mother in law tonight OMG glad that is done as I am tired... and went to bed at midnight arghhhhh.




Anne said...

We just went and bought a 6 burner
BBQ with a lid as well - can't wait to get some more use of it! You lucky people getting one for a present. Enjoy your holiday. Have a wonderful Christmas with those boys of yours:-)

Chris H said...

Wooo hooo on the BBQ! Seems everyone is getting them, so handy they are! We got a new one a year ago, Rinnai 6 burner with hood.... must get a rottisserie for it .... such fun! Hope you get lots of use out of yours too! Wonder what's under the tree???? I know what Stew's getting me!!!!! HA HA HA....

Kate said...

Yay for holidays! Hoo-RAY!!

Lyn said...

wow lucky things getting a new bbq!! how cool!

I love the way you are so into your kids education! Not many kids have mums like that!!

Tania said...

Sounds like you've had heaps going on lately. It's amazing how emotional we are when it comes to our kids - I had a tear or two run down my cheek when we took Lachlan to The Wiggles concert. It just meant so much to me to see him having such a great time there.

Hope you and your family have a FANTASTIC Christmas and enjoy your holidays.