Monday, 4 July 2005

Wohoo so much to tell

Well I have been thinking about my life all weekend. I went to bed early last night as hubby went to his mates to watch the rugby. Which was great because he hardly goes out and it was nice that he went to do that. I was asleep by 8.30 last night OMG I never go to bed that early but it felt fantastic.

Thank you everyone for the posts in my tag board.

Margaret thank you for your kind words, I took some time to sit and think about what I wanted. I do want to get this weight off but I think I sat there thinking I have been on this for 25 weeks now and I have only lost 13 kilos... that it is going to take 10 years to get my weight off... in the last month I only lost 1 kilo with all the yoyo jumping on the scales... it is just disconcerting sometimes that is all.

Thanks Karen you are right I have come a long way and I know for me I have lost a lot because after 3 kilos normally I would have given up.

Yesterday consisted of going and getting groceries and then when we got back home at 12 the kids granddad and grandmother were there. Then half an hour later we had my two boys at A & E as they both had terrible fevers that pamol wasn't taking down. It took us 1 hour and a halfs just to get to see the doctor and then we found out they both had throat infections and my oldest had a sty and they were both way up in the temperature (yeah like we didn't know that). After have the antibiotics what a difference that made OMG they were like normal again. Yayyyyy
Today we went shopping WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I felt on such a high after coming out of Farmers you just would not believe. I took six tops and 1 skirt into the changing rooms and you could have heard my laughing all the way to Wellington... THEY ALL FITTED ME... ALL OF THEM. I even had a lovely flowing black skirt that was too big for me TOO BIG can you believe it... never had that before it was always too small ho hum and wouldn't fit up over my hips wooohoooo TOOOOO BIG woohoooo.

One of the ladies getting changed heard me say it to my husband and she came out and she said "heard what you said and well done you must feel fantastic" had another lady come out and say "I heard too and I have lost 12 kilos on Weight Watchers too" it was just amazing. I felt like I was on a high. So out of the 6 things hubby told me I could get 2. So I brought a pink top OMG me in pink my hubby said I looked like a girl he he he because normally I don't choose pink never really liked it as my mum always put me in pink as a kid. And the other one was a black cardigan top thing with pearls coming down the front and on the sleeves... looked rather trendy and felt so luxurious he he he. So I felt like I was on cloud nine.

On top of that went for an hour walk - not a 45 minute one like I normally do and half way through the walk (which was down the river this time sooo beautiful today) I started to run.. he he he he I know I know I am still too big to run but it felt good because I have been getting fitter with all the exercise I have been doing but I ran he he he he he and then stopped he he he. The hour walk was just what I needed to know I had to keep going because I just want to feel better and better.

Got home and had lunch at 2pm ohhh dear and then took the boys to the soccer field to kick around the ball and I was running after my oldest son too he he he I was running and kicking the ball... running he he he he he

So far (and it is only 4.30) I have done 9,980 steps he he he he and I feel fantastic... now don't get me wrong later on I am going to feel it he he but right now WOHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO from me.

I don't care if I don't loose weight this week because doing what I did today has made up for not loosing weight for the next 2 weeks he he.

Ok now that I have blabbled on...

Oh and I forgot WELCOME Felicity-bubblesnz-pinkelephan (wish you had a website because I would certainly read it) thank you for your kind words and you can read my diary anytime. I don't mind if anyone wants to sit and read my diary. I know I have a friend that really got me motivated to loose this weight at the start and her name is Helena and I read her diary on our holiday in Whangamata one weekend and she inspired me to get off my arse and do it. Now not saying that others haven't but hers was the first diary I read and thought if she can do it so can I. I also thank Karen, Janine, Anne, Jo and Janene... you guys have also kept me going and were the ones that got me started.

Happy-P wish you also had a diary... why don't you start one and let us read... you are so kind with your words that I would love to get to know you more too.

Also thanks to all the new ones that I have been reading (you can see them on my reading list)it all keeps me sain when I read how good you are all doing. Please don't give up on me now... keep going and together we can have a big party at the end.

Was talking to Janine and said to her that I would like to get together with everyone again in April 2006. It would have been a year since seeing all you girls (and anyone else that wants to join us) and thought April every year would be fantastic to keep us going and to know how wonderful everyone one is in person as well as on their diaries. Anyone else interested?

That is enough of my babbling for now girls...

Thanks for listening everyone...


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