Friday, 22 July 2005

Naked or Something

I have homemade pizza for dinner tonight hmmmm cheese, pineapple, feta, salami, corgettes (yep I know strange but hubby likes it), tomatoes, spaghetti.... but not on all of the pizza's we are making three and they are just looking devine and the smelll hmmmmm can't wait to finish this post to eat it he he.

Well now that I have made you all hungry he he I have had an ok day. Feel like I might be getting the flu as I have a scratchy throat. I missed going to the gym tonight and kept feeling like I was missing something he he he it is so addictive that is for sure.

I am on a high in a way too as Kris is coming to my Tuesday WW meetings from now on... that is sooo cool. I get on with her so well... feel like I can say things to her and don't feel like I have to be someone that I am not around her. It is a nice change from BLONDE that is for sure. My life seems more positive since not being around BLONDE. So Kris girl you can do this!!! If anyone wants to go read her diary please do and give her lots of encouragement... she is a nice person.
My last day at work tomorrow ho hum... I have such an upset tummy thinking about it. I took all my photos and kids paintings out of my office today and it felt so cold and empty. I am going to miss my beautiful view over the University Lake and the lovely trees in the autumn oh well. I know that the new job is going to be good and a challenge but scared of the unknown. I have been with the University for 14 years and it is a bit of a big change for me he he.

Ok.. so anyone that is reading my diary and not made yourself known yet COME OUT :-) and let me know!!! I love reading my tags and look at them so so so so often to keep my motivation up so if you are there lurking please write to me.

Anyway going to have my pizza now he he he

P.S so what do you all think of the photos page... OMG I have been fretting about putting them up live like that... I feel like ohhhh I don't know naked or something he he he.

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