Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Sprained Ankle

The last couple of days I have felt on a high. This gym is fantastic...

But at 9.30am this morning I got a phone call at work from my mum saying "you have to come home right now" (now if you knew my mum you would understand that she is afraid if we have a sick day that we will loose our jobs, so if she wants me home right now it is serious). She had slipped on the garage floor and fell down on her back pretty hard. I was freaking... (because this Thursday is the anniversary of my dads death) So I locked my computer, turned off my office lights and locked the door and went to boss and said going home mum slipped on garage floor. Go home in 7 minutes (takes me 15 minutes to get to work etc) and when I opened the garage door she was on the floor with a pillow under her foot and the boys standing beside her. She couldn't get up as she had done something to her leg. My friend Michael said it was a sprain (he is a paramedic).

So needless to say I was worried and fretting and got all the washing out to dry (but they didn't in this miserable wet weather)he he he. She didn't want anything to eat all day and was stubborn as when I mentioned she needed food. But apart from the leg she is feeling ok. But still cannot walk on it.

So anyway apart from all that I spent the day with my kids and it was good. I took them to lollipops as they looked like they were going to go insane in the house any longer. I didn't have anyone to look after the boys so I took the day off.

Went to pick up husband at 4.45 and before we left the AA place phoned to say that they had finished the pre purchase checkup on the car that we wanted to buy and WOOHOOOOO it only had a cambelt to be fixed so we talked them down in price and at 5.15 I was a proud owner of a 1994 Honda prelude with all the bells and whistles and sunroof and I feel HOT in it he he he he a married wife, mother of two boys feeling hot in a car he he he but I did!!!Woohoooooo and it has a car alarm too woohoooo. Silver sleek and all mine!!!!

Then I picked up Kris from home as I wanted to show her my new car... I was rather excited he he he but I think she understood. Kris I promise I will come down to earth tomorrow he he he.
So I went to the gym with Kris again and Woohooo it was fantastic. I must admitt that my enthusiasm wasn't there tonight but we managed to do a hour and a half at the gym and mostly cardio so I felt fantastic and also went in the spa and sauna too so I feel soooo relaxed but after an hour my muscles are feeling sore though and it is sooo good to know that I must have done some work even though my heart wasn't in it.

I can tell you this I soooo hope that the scales say there is a loss tomorrow or there will be hell to pay. I don't know if I feel like I have lost anything but I hope the scales prove me wrong he he he
Good night everyone... and Helena get those travelling feet ready because we are going to go overseas when this body is trim and taught he he he he


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