Friday, 8 July 2005

London Terriorists attacks

I went to a linen party tonight so I am getting to update my diary at 11pm tonight.

OMG I am watching the tv where there is the terriorist attacks on the London trains and buses! Lots of casualties and my husband was really worried about his brother but managed to get hold him on his cellphone and he was good. His brother usually takes his bike but decided since the weather wasn't too good he would take the train but decided that he would take the early train instead OMG that was sooo worrying. I feel so sorry for the people over there at the moment as it is horrendous. How could anyone do such a thing? Why would they want to hurt innocent people? What sort of people are they? It makes you scared to go anywhere nowadays. I don't want to go over there!!! I cannot understand why our world has become so sad and dangerous? It is beyond me! I just have a pit in my stomach. We will probably in the next couple of days hear that they are calling it the 7/7 attacks... hmmmm :-(

Apart from that I have been good with food today. I haven't done any exercise but I have had such a busy day. I have had a tummy ache for 2 days now.. think that my ulcer is playing up again. Lots of things happening in my life lately.

I am a little excited but nervous about my meeting with the gym tomorrow about my fitness levels and what my program will be.

I have to sort this week out to loose some weight I just want to go on and stop this stand still I am having!!

I am going to do this.


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