Thursday, 30 June 2005

GRRRR Receptionist

Full on day... I decided I would get my walk in before anything else today.

I went to my weigh in last night and stayed the same OMG I was gutted... I know I Know it is better than gaining but I wanted to be a 130's girl I really wanted it and I only had 1 kilo to go. I just feel I have been doing really well and wanted to loose this week. Oh well not this week but it better be next week. I have had my monthly this week to so that wouldn't have helped.

I went for my 4.5km walk around the lake and felt fantastic afterwards. I went early this morning just after I took oldest son to school. It was an ok day but it was fantastic to walk around the lake and just think and listen to my music. It was great to not have anyone else but myself and not have kids to stop doing things they shouldn'tand forever saying slow down or come on or I will walk on you.

Then took my mum over to her friends house.

Went to my son's soccer practice and drove in the new red (second car) we have brought... I feel like a little hoon in it as it has one of those big exhaust pipes and is a two door and rather sexy looking. I do get people looking when I drive down the road. Not too sure if they are thinking OMG a 34 year old woman in a car like that or OMG a big woman in it instead a teeny bopper he he he he.

So far today I have done 9534 steps today.... soooo happy with that today.

Phoned my new boss today to see if there was anything that I could read up on before I start my job. She was impressed I think. I just didn't not want to be prepared.

One of the creche teachers said... hey our new receptionist OMG I felt like going off my nut... I know it sounds bad but I don't think they would be paying me what they are paying me if I was just a receptionist I am the Office Administrator/Manager... there were other mums around so I didn't say anything but felt like really small. It isn't because there is anything wrong with being a receptionist just that I have been dealing with financial accounts and research money for most of my life that I felt like a teenager again!!! and I have worked too hard to go back ya know... OMG this does sound rather shallow but I am trying not to be.

So anyway I have this thick manual on Ministry of Education funding argghhhhhhhh
I have had major cravings for sweet things this week.

Ok I have bored everyone enough tonight...
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