Sunday, 5 June 2005

16th Anniversary of Meeting Hubby

Today!!! has been a good day!

I have been listening to the Anthony Robbins (or Tony)first cd and this man is amazing. He makes you think and laugh. I mean I am not a person that laughs too much I smile but don't laugh out loud and I was laughing out loud with it. There was so much in there that made me really think about how I am seeing and approaching things and how I can change that.

I have been feeling down in the dumps about this impending redundancy that might not happen and the reason I was feeling down is because I know we need the money I am earning as well to have the life we are having. But then tonight with this CD I realised that I can find that somewhere else it doesn't mean that I will get made redundant just that there are talks and that hey there are other jobs out there and I have to be positive that it will turn out right because it is not in my control.

I have a friend that wears me down with all the negativity in her life and how she has been depressed and taking tablets etc for years but then I think... do I want to be like her where she only can think negativily and people don't want to talk or listen to her anymore because she is depressing? It drains me enough listening to her and then I sit there thinking do I do that? My hubby says I am not like that and people like being around me but I do see myself like my depressed friend sometimes.

Woke up at 9.30am this morning as mum looked after the boys for us... OMG that was a great relieve. Could have done with a bigger sleep in that is for sure.

Put all the clean clothes away and had a shower and hubby cleaned the shower and down for breakfast then went out to get the groceries and get car registration it was such a full on day and it went fast. By the time we got home it was 3.30 OMG the line at the supermarket was amazing.
Then got the boys rugged up and we went for a walk and the boys rode their bikes. OMG it felt refreshing.

Anthony Robbins in his tape says that we should get up in the morning and not just lie there and then get up. He said get up with a jolt and a spring in your walk and don't think OMG I have to get up... just get up and get out and do some exercise. What he recommends is to get up and go for a walk. OMG I am not a morning person and I have to try this tomorrow morning! So I am going to try it tomorrow.

My hubby took me out tonight to dinner (we haven't done that is SOOOOO long) because we have been together for 16 years tonight. Not married since then, but we have been married 10 years this november but we have been together 16 years WOHOOOO. We went to an indian restaurant (I know what you are going to say OMG points ouch) but I don't care I had a blast with him and really enjoyed myself and I will be good tomorrow and I have been good apart from that so I am just going to have to keep it up and loose more and not fear that I have broken down a little tonight.

I must admit I am on a little bit of a high and there is no reason apart from I have really enjoyed my day today.

Hope everyone else is going fine


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