Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Weigh in Tonight

I have my weigh in tonight!

Well lets see... hmmm nope nope nope I am not going to loose weight I have to be realistic.
Firstly I had a really nice bath with whiskey (lots) and cheese and crackers (too many to even count argghhhh) then on Saturday night we went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant... OMG I was full after that arggghhhh.

Have had a lot of whiskeys this week and no gym. But I did go for a walk last night (Monday) and I went for a walk on Sunday with the kids and went for a walk on Saturday and went grocery shopping (lots of walking too).

But not expecting to loose the weight but I will be back on tonight to update this entry to tell you he he he he.

I put on a top (that I only brought) and one I wore when I met the girls in Wellington in April and it is sagging in the front a little now.. felt really uncomfortable today because it was sagging.. I suppose that is a good sign. I have been feeling better since not going to the gym though. I have come to the conclusion it is because I had had enough of BLONDE and her son being over 3 nights a week and for the last 2 weeks we haven't had them over because her son has been sick and I didn't want him to give it to my boys so told her not to bring him over. I felt a little stink to tell her that but then I don't want us to have it and she should respect that too.

OMG the dramas with her and her ex boyfriend. I really like the guy as I have told you all before so we have had him over 2 nights this week and playing canasta... what a blast it has been great me and hubby haven't done that in ages. Well she found out that we have been having him over and she has been txting me and emailed me today to tell him all these things about him being paranoid about her cheating on him etc and other things and you know it sounds bad but I believe him... I do think she had been still seeing another guy while there were together and he found a condom packet (used) hellooooo why would she of had that there??? used, starts to make you wonder. She doesn't know I know it but OMG why do people have to cheat? I can never understand it especially when they are only boyfriend and girlfriend... if you are not wanting to be there or cheating then break it off and bugger off ya know!!! don't cheat behind their backs. But I found out that he had loaned her over a thousand dollars to pay off bills so maybe she didn't want to break up till she could give it back to him. OMG sometimes I wonder about her... the continuing saaaggggaaaa of BLONDE amazes me know end. My hubby doesn't trust her at all and keeps saying when I try and talk about her he says "life revolves around BLONDE" meaning that she only thinks of herself and that if it doesn't concern her then she doesn't care.

Not once has she asked how my job is going with the redundancy rounds etc!! but her ex boyfriend asks and is nice enough to ask how I am feeling and if he can help. I mean makes you wonder what he ever saw in her I tell you. It is nice that my hubby really likes having him around too so that is good and love playing canasta.

There I go again talking about BLONDE!!GEESH.

Felt good to go for the walk yesterday. I did a half an hour walk as I had had a busy day. But the walk I did in a half an hour took me 45 minutes in January so I am getting better woohooo
Anyway will update later



I gained 900 grams this week!! I am not happy about it but I have accepted it! I have accepted it because I haven't been that wonderful with food this week. But that is ok because this week I am going all out and getting that back off and more!!!!

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