Monday, 13 June 2005

Feeling under the weather

This weekend hasn't been that much for me to talk about really. Did a lot of things but just normal things like going to my son's soccer game and library and out to dinner. But the dinner was fantastic!! can't say it was totally healthy but not bad. We watched the lions verses the New Zealand Maori game while at dinner and it was really exciting. I felt so lazy yesterday and didn't want to do anything. I am not too sure what it was, especially since Wednesday I had done a lot of steps (for me anyway) and I had gone to the gym on Thursday but Saturday I just felt like a blob... I didn't want to go for a walk and I didn't want to do anything but go to the soccer and the library.

I think I might be coming down with the flu.

I have been asked by the same researcher if I want to do more transcribing and I have a contract till October already but I am not too sure. It feels like it takes up too much of my time and I don't really get enough money out of it.

Why do I get in these depressed moods? Maybe it is because I am getting a cold again... or maybe the foods that I am eating? Not too sure really.....

My kids feel like they are on a high today... my youngest cannot keep still and I just want to be left alone... OMG I do sound like a bad mum. Sometimes I just want to be left alone and I think this weekend has been like that.

I woke up with a wicked headache this morning too... yep yep yep thinking it might be a cold that I am coming up with.

Was talking with my friends last night after dinner about what we would do if we won lotto OMG like we would ever win lotto. But I would pay off our mortgage and then go back to study and study Multimedia!!! and my husband would like to go and studying journalism so that would something that we would love to do but would never be able to afford to now we have kids. I want to do something creative in my job... I have two things in my life that I would like to achieve before I die and that is to see Venice and to start a business.

I am not too sure why I would want to start a business but would like to know what it was like and if I could manage it. I have a couple of friends that own their own business and they have time off when they like and things work out pretty well for them. I know at the start it was hard work and I know they spent a hell of a lot of time on it before it got to be successful but I want to do it!!! I do, I do, I do.

I just feel like writing lately. I think I feel like writing but I am not getting to the point of what I want to write. I want to say how bad I have been with my eating lately and how I feel like I am going down a drain and sinking sinking sinking. I am eating the bad things again like cheese and dinner out last night and then took our family out for lunch today and then having pizza for dinner... bad bad bad bad habits that I have started again and I cannot work out a way to get back on track. I have to get back on top of things but how!! in the last couple of weeks it has been getting worse and worse and worse and I want to loose more weight before my brother in law comes home ins September because with him being away for 2 years he will notice the difference.

Anyway I am signing off now... quite depressed!

Chubbymum Well I am updating this at 10pm.. I went for a walk at 8.30 tonight for 40 minutes with my hubby for a 3km walk... it was fantastic. I was so disgusted in myself for the food I had eaten this weekend I had to try and walk it off. We are going to try and do it every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and have the Monday and Thursday at the gym so lets hope I can keep it up.

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