Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Called it Quits with Blonde

Ok.. so last night after my little pitty pack on here. I got up out of my chair and went for a walk with hubby. We went 3km in 40 minutes and I felt great. It was good to get out and spend time with hubby to get out and do some exercise.

It has been an eye opener of a day really today. Blonde phoned last night to ask if she could take my youngest son with her and her son to lollipops, my husband got the call and said yes. Well when he got off the phone I just went bollistic because last Tuesday she asked if I could pay for the Weight Watcher meeting for her and me and she would pay me back next Thursday (which is this Thursday coming) so how could she afford to take the boys to lollipops? I was ropable with and was soooo pissed off about it.

Sooooooo.... this morning I sent this email to her! (little background is that we have a deal (that Blonde thought of) that I provide three nights a week dinner all ready for her and her son and my family and she pays for WW $16.95 and the gym $4 a time. I said no but she said it helps her out too and it had been working until the last couple of weeks.)But in the long run it works out even so I don't know why I do it at all anyway... sooooo


To BLONDE: Ok… I have been doing some thinking over the past weeks.

For the last month I have been getting extra food for the days you guys come over but you haven't been coming (and I know you both have been sick) but all the extra food on my budget is not helping us at all when I have to find the money to go to WW as well. Thank you for the last 6 months with doing this with me I do appreciate it and it has helped me hugely and I truly love you my friend for doing this with me. I also don’t feel like you want to be at WW either and this way you can stop and have that money for yourself.

I am a little upset (not at the time last week, but today I am) at the fact that I had to pay weight watchers last week, yet you could manage to take the kids to lollipops before pay day today, I don’t quite get this. Plus getting the extra food in the budget this week and you guys aren’t coming (I know it is because you are on holiday too but you have changed your holiday plans twice now but didn't tell me so I had already gotten the food and you didn't bother to tell me). But then when you aren’t there I have to also find money for weight watchers and it is really putting us in the shit budget wise. I don’t want to keep doing it like this, because I do not and will not get my bills in the shit as it isn’t fair on my family.

I am trying to be honest because I don’t want to loose our friendship but I am not happy with things and I don’t want it to keep going like this. I am not trying to sound like a bitch in this, just telling you how I am feeling as it has just been getting worse… and I do realise you are on holiday this week and that is why you can’t make it but I have gone and got the extra food too ya know!!! It is just not viable anymore for me at all.

Thank you for taking (my youngest) today. It was good that he got to go out with his Godmother and his friend, and he would have loved it very much.


So I know it might sound wrong but I did get an email back from her saying that I was right and that she should have told me when the holiday was so that I didn't buy all the extra food and also have to fork out for the Weight Watcher (which if she isn't going to WW I don't mind paying for but getting the extra food as well just pissed me off)

She said that she was going to buck down after her holiday and get the WW thing going and the gym but I said it wasn't working anymore and that I have been for the last couple of weeks doing the walking and I am enjoying it but she should still go with me to the WW but not the dinner... now I get an email to say no she isn't going to go to the gym or the WW anymore as she wants to eat what she wants to eat and not worry anymore... and that is fine because in the last 5 weeks she has gained.

So I feel free!!!! ok that was a marathon diary entry today but you wouldn't believe how much better I feel because I don't have to fret if she is coming over or not anymore and I can just go to the WW and go for my walks and do it for me and not because of her. I have been fretting for the last 4 to 5 weeks and it is affecting my progress... so I am back on track and I don't have to worry about her and the redundancy and other things... just have to worry about redundancy and my weight loss... woohoooooooo

Sorry for boring you today but it feels good to get it out.

I will update when I get back from my walk how many steps I have done today and my food count woohooooo

Thank you all for your comments! Thank you for seeing me through all this! Thank you for listening most of all because my so called friends don't and I really value your comments.


Well I went on my walk with hubby and WOW it was great to get out again and I feel pumped now and we did the 3km and shaved off 5 mintues of our time so the next walk we are going to go on a further walk.... woohooo

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