Monday, 20 June 2005

Lake Walk

For some reason my thighs hurt me today. I went for a walk around the lake again today 45 minutes it took us. On Wednesday it took me 50 to 55 minutes. It was a lovely day to go for a walk. I feel like I am getting addicted to walking it is really strange. I meant I used to really hate walking HATE IT I tell you! I was telling hubby that on the walk today and he said that I once would have done anything to get out of doing exercise and I would sit in the car and not move so I suppose I am doing much better.

I was a little bit boring with my food today... with running around for groceries and with going to the lake and then looking around car yards for a car so that I can take up this job offer the food wasn't anything that I wanted to think about.

ToastRoast Beef (leftovers)

Roast Beef Sandwich (yeah original aye he he)
Lite Sour Cream

Pinky bar (yummmmy I haven't had one is ages)

45 minutes around the lake

I didn't have anything else.. not really good in the balanced meal for the day really but hey things were just really busy.

When I walking around the lake today I swung my arms so that I got a little bit more of a work out in my arms and they are really sore tonight ouch.

So nervous about speaking to my boss tomorrow... I don't want to make things worse at work for them as they are great people.

We are watching Garfield the movie at the moment and it is soooo cute and when Garfield is dancing we all just wanted to dance along with him he he.

Anyway everyone thanks for listening. I think I am getting back on track now and I have been posting regularly now instead of once or twice a week. So something must be right.

BYYYE ChubbyMum

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