Monday, 27 June 2005


I had skipping writing in my journal nowadays but last night we went out to a friends Beef Burgundy Bonfire night for the rugby and it was a great night and the food was fantastic and I didn't overdo it!! I had a great night. Felt good to get out without the kids and just have some fun and hubby was very romantic too which was excellant he he he.

Took my son to his soccer yesterday as well and he won the game 4 to nil woohooo.

Just got back from a walk around the lake today woohooo it was bloody cold but it felt good that I got my exercise done for the day. Took at hour to get around because half way around the kids wanted to go to the park. It took 6,000 steps for the walk around the lake so I felt fantastic when it was finished.

Hubby is out doing the lawns at the moment and I just feel like something is wrong at the moment!! You know how you know everything seems right but you have a feeling something is different... hmmmmm can't really explain it. It might be that I am feeling up in the air about leaving my current job and starting a new one. I can't wait to start my new job next month. I am really nervous about it whether I will understand what they are teaching me or whether I would fit in with the others..... but I am going to try my hardest because they way they were talking it was like they wanted to groom me for taking over the management of the place so they can start another creche up... so crossing my fingers that I do learn fast enough and that I get promoted to managing the place as I would like the opportunity.

Cooking a roast beef at the moment and the smell is just waffling through he he he.

I so want to loose a kilo this week but have my monthly and don't think it will happen! I think I am on track lately with eating and exercise but I do feel a little apprehensive about weighing in because of my TOM and because I have been lacking motivation lately that I haven't been loosing as much as I should. I want to be in the 120's and I am wishing it will hurry up. Yeah I know I keep on being told by the WW ladies and my doctor that loosing more than a kilo a week isn't good that 500 grams a week and I would be more likely to keep it off for the rest of my life and that is what I want to do. I don't want to loose it too fast as it didn't take a year to put it on and it isn't going to take a year to get it off...

Anyway on that note I am off to finish getting dinner ready and I will be having a bath tonight and going to bed early as I am soooo tired.


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