Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Ho Hum

I have my weigh in tonight!!!

So come back later and I will fill ya in on my weight gain ho hum.... I haven't been a good girl this week but after the huge dinners in the weekend and with the upset with BLONDE I will gain.

BUT I am going to do it next week I AM!!!!!


Well I did it!!!

I did it!!!

all the walking helped with loosing the weight!

I lost 500grams do a little jig, do a little jig woohooooooo.

Yeah it doesn't make up for the 900grams I gained last week but I lost!!! I LOST and I feel fantastic and if I didn't put on last week I would have been right on my way to my second stone of 12.6 and I not far to my 10% of 15.3 wohoooooooooooo

It felt fantastic not having to worry about BLONDE tonight. I was a little pissed of to come home and my mum had said that she had been to my house while I was at Weight Watchers to collect her recipes books.. not that I was pissed that she got her recipe books just that she did it while I was out and knew that my husband would at home. I am not happy about that!!! it feels underhanded and I hate that!! Why does she make me so angry? I just don't I was so much happier and relaxed at Weight Watchers tonight and I was talking to some of the ladies there and we have made a pact to keep going and to push each other so I am pretty happy about that.

Anyway bye byeMy night off from exercise tonight woohoo


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