Saturday, 18 June 2005

Totally confused... Need help

I have a little bit of a dilemma... need someone to help me. I have told a friend today but she was sort of looking at me like I am looking at you really I don't care...

Well I went in to take my youngest to crèche today and I walked in and Nikki said "I want to offer you a job" I sort of looked at her as if to say huh? only because I did enquire about it (with the girl that is leaving) and asked her about the hours and what the job was like and she said I could do it if I had done accounts before... yeah I have done accounts payable and receivable and I deal now with research money now at the University.

But she told me the hours are 3 days a week from 9.00am to 5.30 but it doesn't work with me having to pick up my son from school and that is why the lady is leaving as she has 4 kids and it was too much for her.

So on Wednesday Nikki said "are you applying for the job?" I said no because the hours basically suck and I have to consider my boys and she said "but could you do it?" I said yeah I suppose I can I mean I haven't seen the job description and I don't think it would be that hard.

Then Nikki left it at that so I thought that was it and when this morning she offered the job she said she could work around the hours as long as Friday I worked from 9 till 5.30 then the other days we could negotiate. OH MY God I was blown away I just didn't know what to say, I didn't even show my CV to her and I haven't applied or seen the job description.

I am in a bit of a dilemma though because I am torn. I mean as you all know I am going through redundancy at the moment and I reallllllllllllllllly love my job and reallllllllllly love my boss and if I had the choice I wouldn't leave but what if at the end of the year I am the one that is made redundant what then? I think I would like this job at the Crèche but then I have misgivings about it too. OH GOD what do I do? The University has unlimited sick leave and are REALLY flexible and I don't want to leave my job and I wouldn't be even considering it if there weren't threats of redundancy...

If I took this job then I would have to buy a car because with J starting work at 8am and my oldest has to be at school at 8.30 and then me if I start this have to be at work at 9... I just don't know what to do. I don't really want to buy another car as that is extra money we have to spend. But then I wouldn't have to worry about interviewing etc for a job if I do get mad redundant.
When you read this entry can you hear what I want to do? Can anyone give me a suggestions? I am totally torn and can't seem to find someone what would honestly tell me what they think.

I just don't know and I am confused


----- Update -----

Went to pick up my son from the creche with hubby and they called me into the office OMG OMG it just gets even better.

They said that they want me because they really like my personality and in the 5 years that my oldest son has been coming they have really thought I would be great to work with. I mean they haven't even seen my CV? But they gave me a job description and gave me a price range per hour they would pay and it is what I am getting now but around a dollar more an hour... sooooooo that is ok with that.

Then they said that people that work there their children at the creche pay $18 less a day for their child so that is $72 a fortnight we save on childcare and they are also willing to take my oldest son to School on their school run in the mornings and for 2 days I can finish in time to pick him up for school and the Friday when I have to work till 5.30 then I can go and pick him up from school and he can come back with me.....

I asked about proffesional development too and they said that they don't tell you where to go but if there is something that I want to do that I can approach them and they will consider it.
I mean it is looking more and more positive especially the savings on childcare.

I said I would think about it in the weekend and get back to them. I also mentioned that I wasn't looking for a job per say but I was looking as redundancies are happening at the University and I wasn't looking because I don't like my job there just because of money etc. That I would like to talk to my boss that I have now about this and get back to them on Monday.

I have never had this before and still can't get over the fact that they want me. Wow I didn't also thing that my personality was that great but they seem to like me.

I do have a fear that I won't be able to do the job and then I sit back and think OMG this is only an Office Administrator job. But I haven't done FBT.. OH God I don't know what I want to do really... this is sooo confusing how come it is confusing??? sighhhhh

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