Saturday, 25 June 2005

On a high and low - Resignation

Where have the last couple of days gone?

I handed in my resignation yesterday!! OMG OMG it was stressfull and boss was sad but she couldn't offer me what the new job could.

OMG I went in for another meeting with my new place of work on Wednesday and there are so many perks and all up getting paid more and they are flexible and she said that my referees just made me shine and one of the referees said that she would hire me again in a shot and was thinking about offering me a job... but she phoned that night to say that what I got in this job she couldn't offer me but if there ever was one that was good enough (moneywise) she wouldn't hesitate. Wow... talk about a big head I am getting he he

Points that I just couldn't say no to so I took the job.
  • Flexible with me and my son's
  • Parents with kids get first choice in holidays
  • Creche fees halved for me
  • The Director wants to hand over her work to me so that she can work from home and start another childcare. (so in effect I could end up managing the place one day... such a great opportunity
  • Holiday program they are trying to start up for the parents that work there school children (free)
  • Flexible in the days I come in if I have to go to something special.
  • Great staff working there and sooo friendly.

Went to a fish and chip evening there for the kids last night and just before it started my new boss said she had told the girls I was the one that accepted the job and she said there were shouts from the girls as they were excited and didn't think that I had applied (he he he I hadn't) They all came up and hugged me and said that it was fantastic and they are soooo glad. Wow it blew me out of the water. You should have seen BLONDE's face when they started saying nice things... she walked away like she was busy but then did mention it today at morning tea that the response was full on yesterday he he he

So anyway the other staff in my department (where I work now) were told yesterday after I had left at 2pm and I had 15 emails this morning saying they were going to miss me and I couldn\'t get any work done today as the professors and lecturers were coming in to chat and find out why I was leaving. It was soooo warming I just couldn\'t believe it. I have never had a work place do that before it was a big warm and fuzzy that was for sure. I was sad but happy at the same time.
The last couple of days have been big Warm and fuzzies and blowing my mind really.

And best thing of all!!! I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOOO skinny today and the top I was wearing today I had so many compliments... it is a dreary day and thought I would wear a bright orange. It used to be tight on me but the arms were baggy and the shirt seemed longer or something he he he. So overall the last couple of days have been like being on drugs he he he

OK I will go now or you will all be going OMG could it get any sickening he he he
Love ya all


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