Thursday, 9 June 2005

Walking - Dreaming!!!

Today (Wednesday) was such a full on day it went so fast.

Took hubby to work, youngest son to creche and oldest son to school and help out as a teacher aide there for the morning then went for a 3km walk and it took me 40 minutes which isn't too bad considering I hated walking a while ago and in the last 2 weeks the exercise hasn't been wonderful.

I felt so great doing it and positive and forgot all about my work worries and really did enjoy it.
I did over 8,500 steps today and it was fantastic.

Unfortunatly I had transcribing to do with work and it wasn't exciting to say the least. I suppose it is good to have some money on the side and something I can do at home. Just feels like it takes up my family time sometimes and all I want to do is blob he he he but it is all good.

I had a fantastic talk with hubby last night and we were in bed just talking about everything. If you knew my hubby he is very much a thinker and doesn't say much but does listen a lot that us talking last night was fantastic and him saying what he thinks about a couple of things it really put my mind at rest.

I have been listening to the Tony Robbins tapes again and he makes so much sense. OMG I don't know why people don't realise it until you hear him because it is logical.

I wasn't too good about eating all my food points today but hey I am terrible in the weekends so maybe I can use them then.


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