Saturday, 4 June 2005

Moody Me Ho hum

Am I getting slack lately in updating or what. Is it the cold weather I keep asking myself.

Things just keep getting worse and worse at work with the fact that our department has been told the academic jobs are safe but they are looking into the administrative staff ohhhh yeah bloody ha!!! like I didn't know it would come down to us. The chairperson said that he is going to put out all the stops so that they don't get rid of any of us. OMG he is fantastic I tell you they are getting facts and figures from all the other universities and are really putting a great case against loosing any of us. I just can't believe it the chairperson before him wouldn't have done that. Plus the professors are all emailing with ideas about how they can save our jobs. I thought with the fact that the academics aren't going to loose their jobs they wouldn't care about us but that isn't true. I still feel so down though!!! I keep thinking about how much we have to save and what we have to do and it is doing my head in. I am not putting makeup on and really am in the no care mood at the moment just getting my work done and not talking and making sure that there is absolutly nothing wrong with my work. Not that there ever was my boss for the last year is always frightened that I was going to quit and find a new job and said she doesn't want that as I am the first one in my job to be forward thinking and that she gets on with sooo.

I think I am doing ok with the weight thing! I am keeping to my points but feel bloated all the time. Not too sure how to solve that. I haven't even been eating too much bread like I used to either.

I have been with my husand 16 years today (this is the day we met 16 years ago) married for 10 though. I thought that he would have at least said something this morning as he mentioned something at the start of the week but he didn't. I know it isn't our wedding anniversary but the date is pretty significant for me and I just wish that he would at least acknowlege it.

This rainy weather here is so depressing! When will it stop. I love winter but don't like the wet weather.

Anyway enough of my mooodyness I will let you go.


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