Friday, 1 February 2008

2 things I need you to know.

Two things I want to mention on the blog today

Number One

OMG one of my 101 things to do list has my all time thing I want to try and that is jet skiing...... and I get to do it tomorrow...Yes fellow bloggers TOMORROW woohoooo. My friend Marina phoned this morning and asked if I wanted to finally get out and do it blooodyyyyy hell... scared but excited at the same time. Something else to cross off my list.

I was supposed to be going to a BBQ at Kris's (for her daughters birthday party) and so I phoned and said that Corbin will still be there but I can't. I was a little naughty and I don't usually like doing this sort of thing but F it I am not going to hold my life because of her she has pushed me aside like a piece of rubbish enough times. (bitch I am... aren't I?).

Marina is the one that owns the mansion (which she calls the batch) ohhhhh so excited but scared at the same time.

Hopefully hubby will take photos. Their jetski is like worth more than my bloody car and I paid enough for that as it was he he.

I have been on track and been doing my exercise this week since coming back from camping.... I must say I am really proud of the fact that I only gained 100 grams on camp... really proud as I wasn't wonderful but I was careful so that makes a lot of difference.. This week I better lose that is all I have to say as I am trying my hardest.


So for the Second thing..

Anyone interested in a bloggers camping get together in October (Labour weekend)? I thought it would be great to get together again but that it wouldn't have to be that it was at someones house and that way no one was having to do more than they should.... (I felt a little sorry for ChrisH last year with all of us there because wow can she entertain and it must have been a lot of work for her).

So what do you reckon?

9 months away so you have plenty of time to save (not that camping is that expensive anyway?) but if we are to do this then we all need to book it so that we are all in the same area of the camping ground so we can have a great party he he he. So if you have any suggestions as to where we could go then could you please email me at and we can sort that out.

Been really good today: Went for a walk with the family this morning and decided that I would jog at the park for one half of it and then I jogged from one lamp post to another and then I jogged up a hill OMG up a hill... it was exhillerating I can tell you. Jeremy and I have taken a leave of absence from the gym for a month to see if we could still do enough excercise and not have to pay for the gym as it is a lot of money for us and any money saved is good this year. So we have a kickboxing set and a boxing bag, and I am going to get a rebounder, and we are thinking about getting some weights as well (so if anyone knows of anywhere where it is cheap but good please tell me) so that we can do it from home and we can go out for walks (as we don't have a treadmill) and this year isn't the year that we can afford to buy one with buying the caravan.

So Jeremy has done an exercise plan for this week that started last night and I must say I am sticking to it so far.... it has been fun (well it is only really one day let's see what it is like at the end of the week ha ha ha).

I am going to try and get back in to my digital scrapbooking as well because I have been seriously slacking in that arena since November 2007 and need to get back to the creative side of me.

Wow am I rambling on or what....

Look forward to hearing your opinions.




Name: Lynise said...

Hope you have fun on the jet ski. I love them too, although I prefer to take mine on lakes, rather then the sea as I'm a bit of a wuss and don't like the water too choppy.
Also saves having to flush it out every time its used in salt water.

The bloggers camp thing sounds like fun, its a little to far away for me to commit just at the moment as I have a friend getting married in Germany in October and I'm still humming and harring about if I will get over there for the wedding. (if so I would stay for the whole month and travel around Europe). Have only just received the invite recently so not sure what I'm doing yet.

celtic_girl said...

Wow, only gaining 100 grams while on holidays, that's sensational.

Hope you have fun Jet skiing, please post some photos, I always think of you when you went white water rapiding last year - such a adventurer.

Hippygal said...

Good for you doing the jet ski. Have a great time and looking forward to hearing about it.

libra said...

Hope the jet skiing goes well, and well done on only gaining 100g thats great...

Chris H said...

Camping and me... can I get a cabin? LOL! I will be in.... as long as it fits in with the family... I'm sure I can make it fit in!

just janene said...

I'm with Chris, I'd need to get a cabin as we don't have any camping equipment. It could be a possibility! No idea where, but maybe somewhere in the middle of the North Island (eg Taupo-ish) so no-one has to travel too far :)

Anne said...

Woudl be interested, quite like Janene's suggestion of Taupo. Also the beach where we have a house has a motor camp - also cabins/ motels. About 50mins form Masterton.