Wednesday, 13 June 2007



Wow what an afternoon and I am only now just sitting down.

After work I picked up the kids and took them to the doctors.. Corbin had a sore throat and headache and Quinn had and ear infection and sore throat so $35 later we have antibiotics etc.

Then took both boys to separate parks for their soccer practice and off home after an hour and get ready for the kickboxing class and wow did I work hard there and my butt and thighs are aching me as she did a butt track that blew us away.

While I was there the guy that owns the gym ordered 50 bottle labels with the gym logo on it so I have another business client and if they turn out like he wants he said that there is Christmas around the corner and he would be ordering for that too woohooooo so I am going to do my darndest to make sure they are perfect in every way. I totally enjoy doing bottle labels so to do them for business for Christmas presents will be a great start aye.... I am sooo excited about this.

I wish I could say that my steps were as good as ChrisH but I don't think I will ever get up to that amount (as she is a machine he he) but I am proud of what I did today....

Steps: 7,893 woohoo me (I usually do around 5,000 normally so I have been stepping up.

Food today:

Breakfast: Wheatmeal Bread, Jam

Morning tea: Muesli Bar, Mandarin

Lunch: Wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomatoe, egg, little cheese

Dinner: Chicken stirfry with noodles

Happy with my day today


CactusFreek said...

I found you again! I thought i'd lost you..again!

The kickboxing sounds great. You must have an awesome amount of energy [?]

The daily intake that you listed, is that all you had today?

Keep up the great work :o)

Spidey said...

Congrats on the weight loss from the previous post which did not seem to have a comment button!

I like your photo. You are very happy, the positive life aura affirms to me the value of not giving up, and accomplishing your goals.

Anne said...

Hard getting those stpes up. I was shocked to find on an average day I was only doing jsut over 3,000! You are going great. Lovely positive post! That is apart from the boys not being well.

Name: Lynise said...

yipee on your steps. I probably should invest in a pedometer and keep better track of how many I do. I know they say to aim for 10,000 but they never seem to give an idea on how far that is. I would like to know what kind of distance 10,000 is. I bet its ALOT.

celtic_girl said...

Well done on the loss hun.....sorry to hear your little princes are not feeling well but the anitbiotics should fix things up. Wooohoo on the number of steps as well.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done on the loss lady...
Sorry to hear the boys are unwell..I grew up almost living on antibiotics.. constant ear infections.. right thru to adulthood... til I found out I was gluten intollerant.. I havent had one since I cut out gluten.. the illness was called thru my immune system being totally stuffed thry the food problem... sad hey!! only took me 34 years to find out!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh and I had a 0.8 kg loss at the weighbridge tonight...wooohooooo

Livy said...

Hi Mandy, what a positive post! Glad to hear that you are feeling good, and you did so well with food and excercise today. You are making such a difference to your quality of life! Awesome!

Lyn said...

Congrats on your loss yesterday!! Well done chickey! You are sounding so much more possitive and motivated!! Yay go you!