Saturday, 30 June 2007

Things off my Chest about G & P

I was so proud of my husband tonight.

Well after 7 weeks we finally got a phone call from the so called friend (the one that has been treating his ex and his kids bad)..

All I saw was Jeremy saying "yes" then his forehead did this you know that angry look when they are telling off the kids look and then he said "No sorry not tonight we are having dinner and then going out to my brothers place" then he said "yes I have heard" and then "ok"....

So here I was thinking I didn't know we were going out to your brothers place tonight why the hell didn't you tell me... and then I said to him "Who was that?" and he said "G" I said to him why did you tell him we were going out.. he said because right now I don't want to talk to him and not too sure how I am going to handle this.

We had a good chat and he said he has left it up to G to ring back later but he is a little angry about how he has gone about all this and doesn't think tonight was a good time for him to turn up.

I said I wasn't keen on seeing him and Jeremy said that he would like it if I was there because we need to be hearing both sides but we cannot not think about what the kids are saying to our kids and how they are feeling and maybe we need to be telling G what we think. I do agree but he better not be bringing over the slut (yes I know that is a harsh word but it is how I feel at the moment).

The reason I am sooo angry at him at the moment but the last couple of weeks we have been going through hell just as much because his ex is ringing me because she has no one... no family no one to count on and I want to be there for her. Well the reason I am even more angry at G is because he turned up at her place last Thursday and he forced his way in to the house took her by the arm and she has bruises and he was shouting and saying that he will smash things if he doesn't get what he wants. The kids were there and he was abusing her verbally and they heard (but she thought at the time that they didn't wake up but the kids said they did hear the next morning)

She phoned me at 9.30 crying and I was telling her that she needs to phone the police.. he had no right to do that... he said that if she refuses him then he will start smashing things... (now this is a mild meek guy that both my hubby and I never never never ever thought he would do this NEVER and now we are seeing things differently).

I was telling her she had to call the police... was saying to her that I am calling the police or I will contact G one of the two... she was pleading with me no no it will make things worse. I said ok then you need to be emailing your lawyer and copying it to his lawyer stating that this is not going to happen again and if it does then the cops will be in on it and that will make sure that he will never get another teachers job ever because he will have an abuse record.... it is not going happen again.

She didn't know this was happening but her boss went to the Deputy Principal of his school and said to the DP that she has to talk to G about the situation and that he has to stop all this or his career is going to be on the line and that it is not good enough. Apparently the DP said that his work is suffering and realises that G's ex was doing a lot when he was at home with work and that now it is suffering Woohoooo is what I felt... arse.

So that is why in the last couple of weeks I haven't been updating because I have been involved in this situation trying to help her out as she is having a huge hard time at the moment.

Anyway I needed to get that off my chest at the moment.

Love Chubbymum


Chris H said...

It is a very sad situation for your friend to be in, and I am glad she has you to support her through this awful time. Some men can be such ba**ards.

Felicity said...

Sorry yor friend is going thru this but glad she isnt completely alone and has a dear friend in you-but that being said you can't let it effect you so that it upsets you your health and family are most important.

Helena said...

you poor bugger mate! Sounds like the guy is on drugs or something? Its incredible how someone can change so drastically "overnight"!??! Its always really bad when littlies get involved eh? You are a wonderful friend, hang in there with them.

Kate said...

Hey you, just wanted to say hi and say that I am still reading every post. I just don't always have something to say :-)

Wanna_B_slim said...

Helping her thru this is all you can do... but dont let it work you up to much... take care and good luck for the next weigh in...

Whoever I want to be said...

don't forget to look after yourself as well CM. Hate to say it but you are not Superwomen close though... LOL. Have a good week