Friday, 15 June 2007


So yesterday was my lazy lazy day and decided I would have a day that if I don't do exercise then that is fine.

I didn't want to do anything actually... he he he

I didn't want to spend time doing the kids spelling in Quinn's class and I didn't want to take my mum anywhere and I didn't want to do anything to do with weight loss.

So I didn't actively do exercise or steps and my steps for the whole day were 2587 but I wasn't unhappy about that.

I got up took the boys to school, told the teacher I couldn't do the spelling today and she was ok with that. I didn't give her an excuse because I got roped in to do the spelling anyway so one week off isn't going to hurt.

I then took my lazy arse he he he and went to starbucks and sat there for an hour reading my Her Business Magazine and pad and pen and had a croissant (naughty I know) and a coffee. It was a nice relaxing time.

Later that morning I went to my friends shop and talked about the table setting with invites and wine bottle etc that I am doing for her window dress up wohooo...

Then came back and had a cup of tea with a friend and my mum at the coffee shop and picked up the boys from school.

That night was Quinn's production at school with the 5 new entrant classes. We went really early so we could get a good seat and we got the front middle and it was soooo cool to have that seat so we could see Quinn and all the others. I was sooo proud of him and he had this higher than though look on his face. So that was a late night for the boys but I got lots of photos.

Today (Friday)

Corbin woke up and was coughing and coughing and coughing so I said he could stay home as long as he wasn't watching tv all day and had to spend some time in his bed to get rid of this cold (the only reason I said that was because I was afraid he would take advantage of not being at school) this is his first day ever in the 3 years that he has been at school that he has taken a sick day so I am quite proud of him for that.

I did a couple of invitations and I left Corbin with mum and went for a walk around the lake. It used to take 55 minutes to walk around it but today I took 35 minutes and I jogged about 7 time around it (4 km) and it was 5787 steps so that was a fantastic effort on my part. I was really happy about that.

After that I came home and managed to do some more on my invites and then took off for my friends shop again to show her the wine bottle and name plates I did but the colour of them wasn't quite right so I am going to do it a lighter colour and try again. Went there to support her as there was a nasty person put in a complaint to the authorities about her advertisement on the radio about child abuse and she didn't even do the ad the radio station did and they are going to sort it out... something about it sounding like a kid was being hit OMG some people aye. They could have gone to the radio station first but no had to get lawyers in on it. My friend was beside herself and I kept telling her that she knows that she isn't that sort of person and that it will get sorted and the radio station is going to sort it out.. apparently they have to prove that it isn't a child being hit on the advertisement OMG sometimes it can go overboard as if a child would have been hurt in an ad for flowers GEESH.

I went to Davidz Emporium to get my backdrop material for my site at the wedding expo today as they had a huge sale on so I got black calico for $6 for 5 metres and I would have paid more than that at other places I was sooo happy about that and I brought some ribbon for some invitations as well... it was a good price.

Went to Rock'n Roll tonight with the boys and Corbin is getting quite good at it and with a little more practice he can go to the next step of learning the turns etc and Quinn was doing ok... he was a little silly at the start and wasn't listening. When they had a free for all this little girl (maybe a year older than Quinn) came and asked him to dance and so he did and it was sooooo cute I wanted to go over and take a photo but didn't take my camera so I didn't embarrass them he he he mean mummy I am.

So anyway that is it for me.

My steps for today are 8776 so I am happy with those steps.
Have a great weekend everyone
I am not sure if I can update as it is a full on weekend this weekend.

Love ya all


Chris H said...

Wooo hoo to all of that: walking, invites, cheap calico, rock n roll dancing etc etc!!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend chick. And don't worry about how many steps you do compared to me you twit, remember I have all bloody day to do what I like practically, so can fit in more exercise than you.

Whoever I want to be said...

Have a great weekend, is your website set up yet as I have a couple of people that could be interested in looking at your stuff. They asked if you had a website so they could see what kind of stuff you are doing.

Christine said...

You have a great weekend!! Take care.

Abba said...

Hey mamma. I'm back. I am trying to catch up with everyone and everything. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Christine said...


Whoever I want to be said...

Love the new banner tooo - where are you hope all is well :)


Felicity said...


Anne said...

Love your banner - but I know at least one of your entries has disappeared since you've added the banner???