Thursday, 7 June 2007

More thinking

I was quite upset with my gain yesterday and said to hubby even though I knew it wouldn't be much I hadn't been that bad with food this week. Well I hopped on the scales this morning thinking I would have been the same and it was down by 800 grams and that made me feel better because I have been trying to be good in the last week.

Thanks guys... I do realise I do start having a mini meltdown after having morning tea's with Kris and I don't know why I keep doing that??? This time for morning tea Kris didn't bug me as she usually does and it wasn't all about her like it had been ALL the other times we had morning tea etc and to her credit she is doing really well. I do know I don't want to spend a lot of time with her anymore but I do have to see her a lot with school (as her daughter is my son's class).

My breakfasts have been really good this week and I have been not worrying about them and they have been really filling.

I had been doing soooo well until I started this 10 week challenge with myself and then with others... why do I do that to myself. I go in with all good intentions but the competition (even with myself) puts me on a downward spiral. I go the opposite way.

Thanks everyone re your comments on the bread and I have been cutting down on it for the last two days and feeling much better and less bloated so that has been a bonus that is for sure.

What a day I have had.... I didn't have time to work on my business as it was taken up by kids. This morning I tested all the kids in Quinns class with their spelling and then from 11 I was with Corbin's class as they had a belonging day. It was were lots of different clubs came to school to tell them about their clubs... there were scouts, girl guides, karate, orienteering, rock'n roll, zoo club, tap dancing, jazz dancing, table tennis.

The kids got to choose 4 activities they would like to go on and then their first two choices were chosen if they could get them in with the numbers and Corbin chose Rock'n Roll and Orienteering and so I went as parent help and it was fantastic and now we are going to the Rock'n Roll club on Friday and the best thing is that Quinn is old enough to do it too so they are starting young. I sooooo loved Rock'n Roll as a kid so having my boys wanting to learn just makes my heart skip a beat woohoooo. Told hubby about it and he said well we will just have to go on Friday night and take them and it is only $3 each a week and that isn't bad at all.

So that is exercise for the whole family if hubby and I do it as well.

Corbin loved the orienteering too and that will be good exercise for the family too as you have to walk to find the next part of the challenge so I am looking forward to that. Apparently they can go to the Hamilton gardens and they have orienteering maps there and little numbers on trees etc to find at the gardens so that will be great as a family thing as well...

Then I had to take some magazines back to my friends florist as she needed them for a wedding that she is doing and back to the coffee shop by the school for a coffee with the girls I have coffee with every Thursday and then picked up the boys from school..... OMG the day went so fast and now I am veging out because I am all kids and schooled out ya know.

So todays food is:

Breakfast: Fejoia cereal with green milk, mandarins
Morning tea: Pumpkin seeds, almonds
Lunch: 5 sushi, V
Afternoon tea: Mocha frappe (made with water, no cream)
Dinner: Soup made with only veges (homemade hmmmm)

I need to jazz up my exercise and find another group that I feel comfortable with because I am getting bored with my exercise and need to do something different. Rock'n Roll is going to be something different and something I can do with my family... also need to find other things to do at the gym to jazz things up.

Can't say I want to go aqua jogging or anything because it is too cold and I would chicken out more than go really.

Maybe a sports group but I am a little chicken to do that too... hmm something to ponder on.

Thank you to all of you offering for me to go with you down to Chris H's... hubby said he wants to go down and that we should go and get away for the weekend. I just worry ya know... I have to registrations for our cars and Corbin's birthday, Quinn's birthday 20 days later and in the middle of that my birthday and fathers day and on top of that the expo is costing a bit too he he he so too many money things in those couple of months but hey I will find a way. I really appreciate the emails and the comments because they made my day knowing what a wonderful bunch of ladies you are and so caring. Why aren't we all living in the same town aye!!! life would be fantastic with such a bunch of you in walking distance.

Went to a seminar thingy last night by parents inc on Raising boys and OMG I haven't laughed so much in my life and we had so much fun with the couple we went with. I learnt some things and I was happy that a lot of things we already did too it was great. Corbin asked Jeremy this morning "Dad what did you learn last night" and Jeremy said "That you are awesome" (I was listening to this upstairs while they were down stairs) and Corbin's voice went high pitched and said Really Dad is such a happy voice it was great to hear and Jeremy said that he was smiling from ear to ear and he had said the same thing to Quinn so my boys were in such a great mood when they heard that from their Dad. We learnt that at the seminar to say that everyday to your sons because they would love it and they did. So simple but so effective.

Love ya all


Chris H said...

I really hope you can come in August mate, but don't you go busting a gut to get here! If it isn't possible, so be it, don't go stressing please. Check out me finger!!!

Christine said...

This 10 week challenge is tough for me too. Now feeling obligated to be on my best behaviour so that I have good news to report. :) I am not going to lie though - I don't think that I could lose a pound if I didn't have people checking in on me. Take care of yourself.

Kate said...

Try yoga! It's so much fun, and it's so hard - your muscles ache for days afterwards :-)

Felicity said...

wow yes wouldnt that be a blast if we lived nearer...perhaps in my new life I'll move to Hamilton. Sure would help to have like minded people to share with. I am seriously thinking about coming up for a duathlon next session dates are out for More FM Hamilton 2nd March...will wait till Real Woman dates come out b4 I decide

Wanna_B_slim said...

Wow... you have been busy havent you...i loved being involved with the kids schooling last year..and miss it quite alot this year...
Oh well maybe next term I can join in abit more..
Take care...

Spidey said...

Not every week can be an Olympic Performance! You have to look at the big picture, and realize that you are doing good. Just don't stray from your plan of success.

Rachel said...

Where did you hear about that seminar on Raising Boys, it sounds like something I'd love to go to?

Awesome idea of Jeremy's to have a weekend away (I'm sure Stew would also appreciate another male...haha) and it will also be great to see him.

The different clubs (ie. rock n roll, tennis etc) sounds great and i reckon Reece would also choose Rock n Roll as he loves dancing.

Lyn said...

Like Chris says it will be great to have you both there but don't stress ... you stress too much!!

Leighanne said...

That raising boys seminar sounds great - I love the way you spend quality time with your boys:)

Leighanne said...

That raising boys seminar sounds great - I love the way you spend quality time with your boys:)