Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Big day

Was nervous all weekend about Monday at work. I was meeting my new bosses for the first time.... not too sure if you all know what I do..... but here goes.

I am a financial administrator for 10 creches in the Waikato and I do it from one creche in Hamilton... anyway I have had in the last 2 years 4 bosses and I have only ever met one of them and that was the first one OMG... and they all reside up in Auckland...

So paranoid me was worried when the big big boss said her and my new boss were coming down on the Monday and are we ok with that... so my mind started thinking OMG they are going to make my job redundant bla bla bla but no it was really informative and I was quite bossy he he he well maybe not bossy but I said what I thought (in a diplomatic way he he) said I haven't had a pay rise and I went from doing the accounts for one creche to 7 and I always get my job done and no complaints so she is looking in to that WOHOOOOO.

Also said that I haven't been on any courses and she said well they are organising for all of the adminstrators from the whole of NZ to get together for a couple of nights down in Wellington or Auckland Woohooo bloody woohooo and she said it isn't all about the work but going out for dinner and having some fun so that is fantastic. I felt soooo much more relaxed after that.

So finally after two years I meet a boss instead of chatting over the phone or on email.

So my day was pretty good and then.......

I went to pick up the kids from school and I was driving in and I saw this lady sitting in her car and I thought to myself I know her (it was pissing down with rain) and so I shouted out Tracy and she looked at me strange and then she looked at her mother sitting in the other seat and said something and then just kept looking at me.... and then she clicked. I sat in the back seat talking and about 10 minutes later she said OMG I have to tell you when you shouted my name I couldn't work out who the hell you were and it took me until you sat in the car to realise who you were you have lost a lot of weight and look fantastic... OMG you could have pushed me with your little finger and I would have flown he he he it was great to have someone that hasn't seen me in a while to give me a compliment like that.

So I was on high...... until I got to my son's class and he was under the table hiding while everyone was in a circle doing their reflection at the end of the day. I didn't know what was happening so at the end when the bell went the teacher came over to me (and Corbin ran out the door) and said that he has been acting quite strange in the last week and he hasn't been his bubbly self and doesn't want to do things in reflection time and is acting not himself and she was worried (as she really likes Corbin).... so I said I would try and find out. So I had a good chat to him (took a while for him to tell me) and he said he was feeling pressured to get his literature done and he is struggling and that if he doesn't get it done then he isn't allowed to do some of the fun things on the last day of term... he said it was hard and sometimes people think I can do something but he finds it difficult...

So I will have to see what we can do to ask the teacher if we as parents can help him get back on track with the literature at home or something as he isn't liking the pressure of it.... (I know he isn't a child that mucks around so it can't be that he wasn't foccussed).

Then when we got home he wouldn't get out of the car and said he wanted to sit and think... so I let him and then a few minutes later I went back and he was crying and so I asked him what was the problem and he said that his friend Cathan is being mean to him and not wanting to sit with him and making him feel terrible. I said to him did he ask him why? he said no.... I said that friends don't treat friends like that and that if he wasn't going to be nice then he needs to go and find someone that will treat him with respect (and he said I don't understand that word) I said that someone that treats you like you would treat them and is nice to you. He looked at me and said yes. I said that you have plenty of friends and that Cathan is missing out on a wonderful friendship and that is his loss.

I mean what else do you say aye?

I hate seeing him go through this... it isn't fair that some kids can make friends and stay with them and my son wants so much to be friends and can't manage to find a nice friend that treats him right. My heart went out to him. I want him to have a best friend but Cathan isn't the one.... he can be a nasty child and goes with the people that can get him something or that is rich with lots of toys etc... it isn't something I want my child being like that is for sure.

So I said to Corbin that in the school holidays we will get some different boys from his class over and do some fun things with them... so he said he would get some phone numbers today so I can talk to the parents.

Anyway I better get on with my work.

P.S I am feeling really good about this weigh in tomorrow morning... wohoooo

Love Chubbymum


Name: Lynise said...

I can really relate to how distressing it is to see your child going through a difficult time. I have seen Evianah really struggle with a couple of her friendships and have been really amazed at how catty and nasty little girls can be to each other. One of her little friends is quite overweight and I have always supported this friendship but recently the 'friend' has decided to tell Evianah she is fat and ugly and I've seen her become almost obsessed with her appearance. (I didn't know it was happening until we got back from Oz). She suddenly didn't want to eat and as being over weight is a huge struggle for me, It was the lsat thing I wanted her to be concerned about while she is still a child. (or at any time) Its not easy, but I guess all we can do is reinforce how important it is to treat people as we would like to be treated and really support the good friendships they do find. I know that Evianah is not always an angel so in some ways she can understand how bad she has felt when children arn't nice and hopefully realise that is another good reason why she shouldn't ever do it to anyone else.
The joys of parenting ah !

Abba said...

Not a bad day. Good for you. How exciting to know that people don't recognize you. lol... Pretty soon you will be able to walk up to anyone and have them give you that puzzled look, wondering to themselves - "where do I know her from?"

Chris H said...

Bloody kids is all I can say, been there over and over again in the past 28 years of being a parent. It is never nice.

Tania said...

Congrats on the job situation - sounds like a pay review is well deserved!

I hope things work out for Corbin really soon - it's so tough for kids these days, they just want to fit in. I think you handle situations like that incredibly well, i've read lots that I should store in my memory bank for when Lachlan is off to school.

Good luck with weigh in.