Sunday, 3 June 2007

18 years Anniversary

As you can tell from the lack of updates I have been busy..... I am terrible at multi tasking. I am working on things for the expo and doing a fair bit of wine bottle labels and getting creative with those at the moment.

My friend Tania came over on Friday afternoon to show me the colours she has chosen for her half of the site and I was sooo pleased as I thought she would have gone for the pinks she has for her shop colours but she has gone with chocolate brown, champagne and a lovely green soooo nice and so it doesn't clash with my orange black and white either. She is also doing a bouquet to go with my colours for around my stuff as well. I am doing some table name plates and a bottle with a bottle label to go with her colours so we can mix and match it is going to be great. You should hear what she is doing for the table setting hmmmmmm can't wait but you will have to wait for the photos of the weekend to show you.

So that is what I have been concentrating on. I have also been doing ok with my food and thinking about what is going in my mouth too. Hubby and I have been taking note about the foods I am wanting at different times and we are trying to adjust to that.

Took hubby to my PT session on friday with Joy and OMG she worked us hard.... I get that every week but I don't think he realised what I did till he did it on Friday and he was sweating like a pig... IT WAS FANTASTIC and she showed us some sparring stuff we can do so we might do some at home too. Also lots to do with the thighs and the tummies and it was great to work out with hubby I enjoyed it a lot.

We came home and got a shower and tidyed up our bedroom (which doesn't happen often as the kids annoy us in the middle of it) so we did that and then went and brought a new vacuum cleaner. It was so nice to have him home on a week day and to be able to take and pick up the boys together...

Today is our anniversary (of sorts) we met each other 18 years ago today OMG has it gone fast or what. Hubby took me out to lunch at the cock and bull and we had a couple of wines and our dinner and talked and he said to me "so what ya doing for he next 18 years?" I said "Why who wants to know" he said "a scruffy man" and I looked in to the distance and said "who point him out" we laughed... I am more in love with my hubby now than I thought it could be... I wouldn't like to lose him at all... he is my SOUL MATE. We have been married 11 years (almost 12) but 18 years being together seems like it was only yesterday that we met.

Not many people are still together after this long and I know I am truly bleased to be with him. We hardly fight (but a good fight now and then keeps ya on your toes aye) and we have 2 great children...

The only 2 things that would make my life complete would be for my invite business to take off (or have a little shop doing it) and for my weight loss to still keep going down.

I have been calmer since not being with Weight Watchers... Hubby and I have gone back to working out our meals and trying to make them out of he WW books and really really trying to have more veges. I know I am not losing a heap of weight but I am not gaining it either and so we have to tweak things aye.

We are reading two books and incorporating them in our lives at the moment and that is Leenies Bible and also Downsize me book (by the trainer in the Downsize me show). She makes a lot of sense and we have started her training program today too and it isn't that hard. It is a little confusing to do a lot of different exercises but it isn't that bad.

I am trying out different breakfasts this week because if I had my way I would have 2 toast with either Jam or Peanut butter every day and that would be me and on the weekends I would have eggs and toast. So this week I am trying out Pear on toast (sounds strange to me but hey) and also Scrambled eggs with fetta and mushrooms (all out of the WW books), Muesli, Yoghurt and fruit (which I must say sounds really weird as I can't think of the worst combination) but I am trying my hardest to stop my mind from stopping me from not eating good things.

We went to the flea market in Hamilton on Saturday morning and it was nice to walk around and look at all the things. I only took $5 and as usual it was spent on the kids and brought them some socks for winter. The kids took $5 each from their pocket money and brought themselves a tamagotchi toy and some fake tattoos as well so they were happy. There were sooo many things they wanted but luckly they didn't take all their spending money.

Went to Tania's flower shop afterwards to help her with her computer OMG if anything happened to her hubby she wouldn't know a thing about what to do with their computer etc.... they both were soooo bad with knowing what password went with which program etc and he was the only one that sort of knew and he lives most of the time in Hokitika with his business GEESH having a business and not really being organised it is really bad.

I have been thinking about my friend Pam a lot lately and not sleeping that well really. I don't want what is happening to her and her ex to ever happen to me... dreaming about it too much I think... the arse wants half the food in the cupboards now (and to think he was our friend before knowing her) I didn't think he would ever do such a nasty thing.... she used her inheritance from her parents (they both died) to buy their house and a whole lot of things and now he wants half of everything he is an arse!!! without her he wouldn't have achieved anything and for 3 years she put him through University and she supported him and now this is what he does to her.

I told her that if there was anything she wanted out of the house so he didn't get then she is to put it at our place because he is slime and doesn't deserve anything.... his kids are beside themselves and poor Pam has no family whatsoever to lean on... well she has me as far as I am concerned.

Anyway enough babbling he he he... I should update more GEESH I am a slack person.

Love you all and thank you for your comments... I love ya all.



Livy said...

sounds to me like you are one of the richest women I know. You have a wonderful relationship with your soulmate. You have a business you love, friends who adore you and great kids.
Be happy right now. The other things you want will come in time. Take care.

Lisa said...

Wow look at your progress so far!!! Livy is right you sound like you are in a happy place at the moment. You are making some good changes, mixing up the breakies and exercise is bound to make it less boring. Keep it up girl.

Tania said...

You definitely have so much to be grateful for, it's a great feeling isn't it?

Sounds like things are clicking into place for you too. I'm the first person to say that WW really works but sometimes it works better when you do have a break.

You must be so proud of your progress - your photos show a big difference.

Christine said...

Your progress pictures are just amazing! I need to snap some pictures real soon!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohhh i looooove progress pics... you have done a fantastic job...
You look gr8... keep it up ..
And it is so nice to hear how happy you are... ;o)

Helena said...

you are fantastically amazing ... good on ya :D

Janene said...

Wow, your progress photos are awesome... you look like you've lost heaps of weight since I saw you last year. Even though those numbers haven't been going down, obviously something has been happening!

Congrats on 18 years with your hubby... you're a lucky lucky woman!


Chris H said...

Stew and I will have been married 20 years on Wednesday, together 22.. and we are still mad about each other too... we are soooo lucky!!! I have moments some days when if I havn't heard from him and I know he's travelling, I panic and think I am going to get a cop at my door with dreadful news... I hate even thinking about losing him. I lost both my brothers in vehicle accidents, so know IT CAN HAPPEN... I hate this part of life... the worrying about our loved ones all the time. Your photos are bloody awesome mate, such a difference! I hope you have a wonderful monday holiday chick.

Chris H said...

Didn't get a chance to check out motels today, will try tomorrow I promise!

Anne said...

The photos blew me away! You are looking (and sounding) very happy with your life. Congratulations on the anniversary, 18 years is fantastic!

celtic_girl said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your soul mate. Iv'e said it before and I'll say it again your progress has been fantastic you look a different woman.

Name: Lynise said...

Hi ya,
Happy anniversary to you and your beloved. You are certainly blessed to have found the person you want to spend your life with. My love life has been quite wishy washy over the years and I really thought I had met the one for me when I met Warren.
Luckily we are still good friends so who knows what can happen. If we both sort individual crap out I guess never say never that things can't be repaired. (who knows)
Anyway, hope you had a lovely anniversary and I hope you told that 'scruffy man' that you certainly want another 18.

Lyn said...

Hope your anniversary went really well... that's a huge achievement to be together that long and still be so happy together!! Cheers to you both!!!

Rachel said...

18 years......WOW, it goes fast eh?

All those different foods you mentioned from the WW books sounds beautiful, give us an update on what you think of each of them.

That progress photo is awesome honey, you look like a completely different person and so much must be so proud of yourself.