Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A loss

A loss with all that has been happening in my life this week I am happy with.

I lost 200 grams and hey it is going down and that is what I am happy with. I would have rathered it be more but I cannot be picky... as long as I don't yoyo again and it goes up then things are looking good.

Too many things in my life at the moment to worry about it being so small.

Husband lost 800 grams ho hum but still I did have a couple of days that I didn't give a stuff and didn't point so it is my fault for only losing 200 grams.

I know I say it every week but I have to put it in gear this week and get some more off... get in to these bloody teens... at least I know that even though I left Weight Watchers I am still losing and I wasn't losing that much when I was there anyway so it didn't really make that much of a difference.

Anyway... feeling flat today..

See ya



Anne said...

Just read your last couple of entries. Can really relate to how you are feeling about what plan to use, I can't get trcking out of my head although I got a lot out of the book you have been reading. Just wish it was easier than this!

You have done well with the scales going in the right direction. Good news from the doctor too!

Also what a wonderful friend you are being with the support you are giving your friend.

Rachel said...

YAY a loss!!!!!!!!!
200g is 200g chicken and it is a minus not a plus. Just think, if you lost 200g from now until Xmas - you would have lost 6kgs which would put you at 115kg which is FANTASTIC! BUT you know you are going to loss more than that so just imagine the possibilities....

I honestly wouldn't mind if I lost small amounts regularly because I am one for consistency and as long as it isn't "up one week, down another" or "1.5kg gain this week, 300g loss next week" etc (you get my drift eh?) it would make life alot less stressful and I would still be moving in the right direction and you said yourself that you aren't stressing (about going to WW to get on their scales) as much as you have been in the past.
Right, I've finished now I think...hahahahaha I do ramble.

Oh - tell Jeremy congrats on his loss also!

Janene said...

A loss is a loss, my friend! So long as those numbers keep creeping downwards aye! You'll get to the 1-teens, even if it takes longer. And they say that the slower it comes off the more likely it is to be permanent.

I keep meaning to say too, that I just LOVE that new photo of you throwing the leaves in the air. You look so full of life and happy, and that's so much more important than any number on a scale!!

Abba said...

I would pick feeling flat over feeling round any day of the week. Fantastic job on your loss for this week. I am not weighing in for the next week or so, but I am still in this challenge. We will see how it goes. Great job sweetie!

Livy said...

Don't feel flat Mandy. You are so gorgeous you know!!! You are shrinking... and just think, the slower you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off. I am here if you need to talk.

Whoever I want to be said...

You are 200 grams less than last week :) Thats great!!!

Cheers Jaxx

Chris H said...

Feeling flat... darn! You had a LOSS mate, you should be jumping for joy! I reckon I gained again, too scared to get on the scales!

Lee-Anne said...

Lol, have to laugh at what Abba said. But how true. I'd rather be flat than round anyday too.

You've had a loss, doing it on your own. You know men lose faster than women so don't even begin to try and compare yourself with hubby.

I hope you are not taking on everyone's probs and they are starting to weigh you down huney.

I'm sending big hugs and hope tomorrow you're feeling nice and curvy.

Congrats on the loss.

Lyn said...

Well done Chickey!! That's great you had a loss when you had so much else going on!!

On the kg vs pound thing ... think of it the other way too ... me having 48kgs to go sounds better than having 105 pounds still to go!!!

Christine said...

You take the loss and run with it! You're doing great.

Helena said...


great news about ur Dr's visit mate, well done on holding it all together!

fitcat said...

You have lost almost 34 kilos CM and that is an amazing achievement! Be proud of that and don't understate its significance. :)

I hope you're feeling more perked up soon!

Lisa said...

SNAP I lost 200grams as well, maybe we'll get a biggy loss next week??

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohh I rather kilos myself... that way I can say i weigh...76 kilos instead of 167 lbs... thats sounds alot to me... after using kilos all my life anyways!!
Take care and keep those losses happening.. no matter how small.. all good... I am headed for a gain tonight.. umahhhhh hoping for a small gain.. not a whopper!!!

Whoever I want to be said...

Calling CM - hope your weekend is going well ;)


Abba said...

WooHoo for you! Congrats on your loss!