Thursday, 24 May 2007

Busy busy day.

My day went tooooo fast!!!!

OMG I can't believe how fast my day went.... and I don't even think I did that much.

As usual on a Thursday morning I help out in Quinn's class and do their spelling for them all and that takes from 9am till 10.30am... and that is fun. I find it quite cute that 5 year olds say "Oh that is easy" when I give them a word and they get it completely wrong he he he too funny.

Quinn thinks he is sooo important when his mum is doing this for the class and the other kids talk about it... OMG small things amuse small minds he he he he.

I have been slack in the last week getting around to everyones blogs AND I AM TOTALLY SORRY FOR THAT so if I haven't commented it isn't because I don't love ya all just that I have not had a lot of time to read them but don't fear I will be catching up tonight.

So after that I got a phone call when I got home from Tania asking where the hell I was because I was supposed to be coming over to her florist shop to go over some magazines she had of invitations etc and having a coffee with her... OMG I forgot... but then again sometimes Tania thinks she asks me something and in the end she hasn't but it was in her mind he he he...

So I took my mum to the shopping mall and dropped her off there for a couple of hours while I ran around like a blue arsed fly he he he.

Went to Tania's shop and got there and she was sooo busy I ended up answering the phone and helping customers which was funny when I don't have a clue about floristry he he he but that is life... and then fixed a computer problem she had and had about 10 minutes looking at magazines with her before I had to go. Well that seemed like a waste of time he he.

Went to pay for my banner for the expo (Tania got us a really good deal... it usually costs $250 because I phoned and asked how much a couple of weeks ago) and since Tania has made an impression on the guy he is charging us $50 so I can't say no to that. So anyway I got there and he looked quite grumpy and I thought OMG what have I got myself in to.

He took my disk that the designer did for me and then this guys said "OMG this guy is a fucken idiot" I just took a breath thinking OMG guy you have a customer here but in the end I could understand what he meant when he explained to me... the designer charged me $565 dollars and it took him 2 weeks to get it to me and the guy said I was jipped and he proceeded to show me that he did it in 10 minutes and then showed me other problems with what he did OMG I felt like an idiot but how am I supposed to know ya know. So he said to me "since you are Tania's friend I am going to redo all of these for no charge and give you a disk copy of it all" OMG I said Thank you Thank you and I will make sure I tell everyone I know that has a business how wonderful you are... and then after that we joked and teased and his wife is lovely too so it was quite a wonderful time to find a true wonderful businessman that isn't just after money ya know.

Then went to get my money off the lady I am doing the wedding invites on and hopefully I will finish that this weekend yayyyyyy...

Went and picked up mum from shopping and then we went out for coffee and finally lunch with the school ladies.

Picked up the boys and got their hair cuts and now back home... so my day has been really busy.

Lyn mentioned that she hasn't seen any before and now photos so I will endeavour to get hubby to do some photos over the weekend to show you guys the difference but...... if you guys go to my links on the side and go to chubbymum pictures you will find comparisions I have had in the past there. I must admit that last one taken there was September 2005 naughty naughty me he he he.

I am going to be getting on with the wedding invites tonight so I don't have the whole weekend doing this wedding but going to totally enjoy doing it. Plus I need to get that sample down to you Lee-Anne (smack hand).

I checked my weight this morning he he he and I know I shouldn't but it was 120.8 wohoooo bloody woohoooo... now I have to keep going this week and get more weight off. I am feeling less scared about the week knowing I don't go for weigh in on Tuesdays at WW... but if I start to feel lazy I am going to get my backside back to WW whether it be online or to a meeting because I am not giving up on the weight loss either ya know.

Anyway if I think of anything else later


Chris H said...

You have had a busy day! On the go all the time, way to go. Thanks for the positive comment today chick.

Rachel said...

WOW talk about a busy day, I was exhausted just reading it.

That guy at the banner place sounds like a gem, I would sooooo go back to the designer where you got the disk from and tell that person what happened and how useless he was and that you WOULDN'T be recommending him to anyone. Its not like it only cost $20 it cost HEAPS!

Hope you have a lovely weekend mate and I will catch up with you next week.

P.S. 120.8kg OMG OMG OMG, nearly the teens......YAY!

Lyn said...

What a cool guy he was!!! Dontcha lovit when that happens!!

Hmmm ... one small note, I can't get into your photos (for invited readers only) ... can you put me on your list?? pwetty, pwetty, pwease?? :)

celtic_girl said...

It shows there are some genuine people out there.Are you able to get some sort of recourse wit the guy that ripped you off? I also couldn't open your progress photos.

Hope you have a great weekend

Tania said...

Don't you just love finding people out there that actually care about their customers?

Sounds like you've been incredibly busy! It's so hard not to take an occasional peek at the scales isn't it? Keep up the great work, you'll be rewarded with a good loss this week.

Helena said...

you look gorgeous in your new pic - vivacious, alive and slim - just incredible. Go chick go!

Abba said...

You look great! Congratulations! Thanks also for all of the support last week. I really appreciate it.