Thursday, 3 May 2007

Good day

My day off!!!!

Woohooo I love Thursday and Friday's

I have been good with food today. I have been eating when I feel like I need it and not when I think I should... I did this a couple of weeks ago and had a really good loss.

I helped out in Quinn's classroom this morning with spelling and he is getting so much better and thinking about the sounds it is great to see the difference. The kids in his class are really nice kids and I quite enjoy testing them on a Thursday morning.

After that I went home and got Mum and we went to Spotlight and got some beads and I brought some things to go for my business for kids party invites. I have one party invite to finish before this weekend and so I am stressing about it but hey.

Sushi for lunch mmmmmmmm

After lunch I met the other mums for our weekly coffee at our local coffee shop (down the street from the school he he he) and we chatted for an hour and I gloated about Corbin being in the GATE program and they were sooo great about it. One of the lady son is Corbin's best friend and I reckon in a month he will be tested to be in the GATE program too because he is a bright boy too...

One of the mums hubby suprised her by saying next week they are going to Melbourne for 4 days for their 10 year wedding anniversary and he has organised everything including the kids being with people as well... it was sooo nice to hear. He is a lovely guy (quite a yummy looking man, and a fireman too) I am really pleased for her.......

Got the boys from school did their homework and then went to soccer practice and then came home, cooked dinner, got the kids in to the shower, took mum to bingo and then played with the boys in the playroom and now they are in bed, hubby is at Trivial Pursuit and Mum and bingo and I am watching the biggest loser...

OMG my day was full on.. it might not sound like it but I am shagged and I haven't even done any exercise. But I do have my PT tomorrow with Joy and I am looking forward to that.

The support in the last couple of days has been wonderful and that is the reason that I am still blogging and still reading blogs and I think that if I didn't have this group then I would have given up by now. I honestly think the reason I am still here is because of all of you!!! In the two years if I had troubles or was indecisive you were there for me and I do thank you all for that....

OMG I went to the gym last night for my kickboxing class and as I said last night I went because Debbie asked for us to go... So I went... but as usual she didn't even bloody turn up... why can't I learn? I was sooo pissed that I txtd her and said "Not going to kickbox class with you again. 10th time you haven't turned up, didn't txt me to say you weren't coming." She text back to say that she didn't think I would want her coming to class crying.

I thought OMG and wrote back "a sorry I won't be there would have been the polite thing to do" as I had to tell her how I was feeling and then I said "so why were you crying" she said he was having trouble with her kittens causing trouble at home and she is behind on her assignments. I was a bit harsh but said OMG you are single... get off the tv and do your homework.. she could be doing it at lunch time like all the other girls at work but no she is reading magazines. I said to her that she needs to get her priorities right and sort it out because sitting there crying wasn't going to help and she didn't have anything but work and home in her life so really she had no excuse for not doing her homework...

Last Wednesday (Anzac day) she phoned saying her computer wasn't working and her assignment was due tomorrow... I said to her "OMG so why are you doing your assignment the day before?" She said she only wanted her computer fixed so she could email her tutor and say she wouldn't be handing it in and wanted my husband to come and fix it....

He told her he couldn't fix it she would have to go and take it in to get fixed (which wouldn't happen on a stat day) I offered for her to have our old computer to do her assignment and she said "if you bring it over" I gave up then. She knows at least a month before it is due and there is no excuse. It is the second time since February that she hasn't done her assignments. I said NO I am going out and said I have to go... OMG if she really wanted to get her assignment done she would have said "I will be there in 5 minutes" GEESH

I know I sound harsh but OMG I am sorting out a new business, two kids, homework, work, hubby, soccer practices, soccer games, personal training, gym, weight watchers, taking my mum around, chores around house, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, sorting out kids to go to guitar lessons and she can't cope with two kittens and one assignment a month or six weeks before it is due. OMG I just wanted to slap her and say OHHHH WOE IS ME!!! get off your fat arse and do your study!!!!!

I now know why she is single and a big girl... she is lazy and all the excuses in the world aren't going to help.

Can I ever find normal friends? Or am I being harsh? I just want a friend that will listen to me and I listen to them and support them and they do it in return... For us to go for a coffee and to be normal.... why can't I have a friend like that. It seems the only true friends I have are online and there for me and comment and listen and help!!! Why aren't you all here in my town!!!!?????

I have had a craving for sushi lately yummm

I so hope that this week I can lose at least 500 grams and get back on to it....

Love ya all


Anne said...

Sushi - yum! I could honestly live on it.

Maybe Debbie is a bit self centred and needs something else in her life to focus on rather than just herself. Stand back a little but still be there and try and not let her get to you. I do understand how you are feeling though!

Chris H said...

Sorry Mandy, but I just skimmed throught your blog tonight, I am totally not right in the head right now....but I did want to say, thanks for your sweet comments, and I hope you have had a great day. I have not obviously, have you read my end of day bit yet???

Nic said...

Hi ChubbyMum

Yes I had Sushi for lunch too, Teriyaki Salmon to be precise, usually I have the Tuna but decided to try something different today.

Have read through your busy 2007 so far, when I have more time up my sleeve I will go back further, but I just wanted to leave a message to let you know I have visited, you sound like you are going great guns with your gym etc and you sound like a great friend to Debbie, maybe it's time to let her discover things the hard way and suffer the consequences of her laziness.


(P.S. I believe it is the final of the Biggest Loser tonight, I watched this series a few months back and was so happy with the winner in the end...mind you I also so disliked those three women joined at the hip).

Tania said...

Sadly I think we all have (or have had) a Debbie in our lives, I know I have but I have to say I admire the way you handle it. DON'T let her get the better of you, at the end of the day if you let her treat you like a doormat that's how she will always treat you and you deserve better than that!

I really must grab myself a nice cup of coffee one day soon, shut myself away in the study and go back to the start of your journal to read more about your journey, I wish I had of come across your blog years ago, but hey better late than never right :-)