Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ahhhh Italy!!

The day went really fast today... we got up had breakfast and then went to our yukkky grocery shopping, home and out to the library to get books and spend some time with the kids.. It was nice sitting in the kids section on the couches and reading. I got some kids books out on Italy as I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to go there and I wanted to read about it.

I must admit I always thought that if I didn't read about it then it won't mean it won't happen. I have been putting off reading about Italy, Tuscany, Venice because they are my dream places and I want to go there but I know that we can't really afford it right now and really can we ever afford it hmmmm.... if we win lotto maybe but not unless we do.

How do people do it? I have a HUGE mortgage and can't really afford to go or maybe it is because I have a HUGE mortgage I can't... it is all priorities isn't it. Mine is to have a good house over my head. I suppose I see a holiday as LOTS of money spent in such a short time and what do you have to show for it. At least with a house I can make money on it and have it every day ya know... I know I know we still have to have experiences but my priorities is my home.

Anyway.... been ok with food. I haven't gone overboard like last weekend but still wanting to eat my arm off with this TOM.... I don't remember ever having that much of an appetite with my TOM when I was bigger? Or maybe it was because I didn't take much notice of it... did anyone else ever have that? Do you remember?

I spent tonight doing a 10 year olds birthday invitations and it was fun. Hubby and I up to our necks in glitter and pink and purple and fairies he he he it was sooo much fun. I did only 3 of them as they are going ice skating.

Also before we went and did the invites hubby coloured my hair.... I must say I thought it was bright when I first saw it but I am getting to like it he he he... feel bright and happy.


Update Monday Morning

Well Helena is here today woohooooo she is going Kickboxing with me tonight (hopefully as it depends on if she can get out of work quick enough he he) but I am sooo excited as I really like Helena.

I feel on top of the world today.... I am at work and I have my new hair colour and I feel like a million dollars. I love the richness... it is sort of a chocolate colour with reddy highlights and it looks fab (well I think so anyway). I have been unpacking my new computer for work and I have lots of new goodies here in my office... nothing can bring me down he he he.

Gave the invitations to the 10 year olds mum this morning at school andher daughter gave them to her friends and they adored it and then there were about 10 other girls hanging around them so I felt chuffed when they did that as I am not really a girly girl with glitter and pink etc so I did well I reckon.

And a work lady came in today to see if I was still doing a bottle for her hubby so... money is rolling on in woohooooo.

Now I just need to sort out an accountant to help me do a spreadsheet of some kind so I can keep up with the money etc and I will be fine.

OMG... but the weigh in isn't going to be good this week as I have my TTOM and I ALWAYS weigh heavier... but I know that the week later will be good because I have been good.

Anyway better get on with my work he he he.

Love ya all


Anne said...

Pity I wasn't closer as I could help you get going with the accounting side. I'm not an accountant have worked in that area for years.

Good to have dreams of travel. Your day will come!

Livy said...

You must tell me all about this business! How do people do it? (go overseas). I think it's choices. I think it's family. I think it's priorities. I often think about where my life would be now, if I had married a different man. I dated many wealthy men years ago, but none of them wanted a family, which in the end meant I bailed out. I desperately wanted children. But, if I could have moved on from the urge of having kids, I could have been living in some fancy smancy house somewhere, doing my dream job, earning $100,000 a year, and taking overseas trips to Italy!! Instead, I chose to marry a salt of the earth hard working man (who will never earn more than $50,000 a year in his lifetime, this is as good as it gets!) and have 2 children, that I now have to stay home and look after. I know alot of people do the daycare thing, but shit, why have kids, to have someone else bring them up? I would love to go to the snow, but know that we could never afford it on our income, with both the girls, and plane tickets and all the rest. Maybe down the track some when I can get a job and bring in a second income we may be able to consider it. As far as overseas travel goes? David is SOOO not into the idea. So, I can't see that I will travel overseas in this lifetime (I have been to Bali though!!!), unless it is when I retire and I go on my own.
By the way... DHs family have lived in the same TOWN their whole lives. One woman (his sister that I DETEST) has lived in the same town since birth. Now SHE needs to get out and see a bit more of Australia! Australia is a big country, and varies significantly from state to state. How about travelling interstate on holidays?

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohhh we need to see some photos of that glam new hair colour... I love being bright and fresh too...
Gr8 that are having such a positive day...
Oneday you might travel...I have no desire to travel to far away places... maybe New Zealand is about as far as I would want to go...
If the opportunity was there tho I guess I would take it..

celtic_girl said...

Yes, show us some photos of your new hair colour. I'm with Wanna, I'm not much of a traveller, but I do envy those that do it. Italy does sound nice though, I loved the scenery in that movie Under the Tuscan Sun - so pretty.

Jules said...

Italy!! You don't give up on that dream. See yourself there, believe it, feel it and it will happen. You can do anything you want to do. I bet you never thought you'd be running your own small business either??

Felicity said...

hope u got to go kick boxing with Helena...did she pass on my hellos...was gr8 2 see her in weekend etc. So wish I could join u in classes too-oh well maybe next year I can do a duathlon you way too.

Whoever I want to be said...

Once you get going the accounting is fairly easy - just make sure you keep on top of it. (I did all my ex's books for years)

I just did my hair and love the colour makes you feel so much better

Have a good week Jaxx