Friday, 4 May 2007


Ok... so I got a crap night sleep last night as Quinn was screaming in his bedroom downstairs and it woke me up startled (poor little bugger) but then I couldn't get any sleep as every half an hour he was up in our bed and so I let him stay there... normally I don't as I don't want it to be a habit. It was a crap nights sleep so this morning I texted Joy to say I wasn't doing my PT as I was unwell... I was telling the truth in a way but not in the right way I suppose.

I feel guilty about it because I should have gotten up BUT I DIDN'T WANNA... so I got up made the boys and me some breakfast and got money out of my purse and got them a school lunch at school.

I was sooo proud of my youngest.. he has only started school and can't read totally yet but the whole time at school filling out the lunch order he kept saying "I want an apple" and I said there is no fruit on the list then he would say "well I will have a banana" OMG I was sooo proud of him.. there were chocolate muffins and biscuits and he could have what he wanted for the first time in ages and NO he wanted healthy fruit... couldn't give it to him but I was still proud of him.

So my healthy eating is rubbing off on him when he prefers fruit to muffins woohooooo bloody woohooo.

After taking the boys to school I got home went up to bed to sit and relax under the covers (as it is a beautiful day outside but bloody cold) and read my Slimming magazine and it got me more and more inspired and also made me feel guilty for not going to my PT but hey... I don't do it often and I have done three days of exercise this week already (can you tell I feel guilty he he).

I had a beautiful hour in bed reading the magazine then had to get up have a shower and take mum to bingo (OMG I love Friday's when I can do that and actually have the time to myself) I don't usually get time JUST ME... there is always mum, kids and hubby over or I am out.

I have been craving salmon for days and keep putting it off because it is expensive and we have to watch our pennies but today I went and did the meat shopping for the fortnight and thought BUGGER this I am going to get a salmon fillet. I got a premade salad (I didn't put the dressing on though) and I put the salmon fillet in the George Forman with mushrooms and lots and lots of garlic and left it there for 4 minutes hmmmmm so this is what it looked like. But as usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I got too much Salmon so I saved a big and gave a bit to the cat as he was bugging me while I was eating it he he he.

I then came here to the computer and I have a little camera on my computer and decided to do a video of how I am feeling and then in a month I think I will do it again. Sometimes it is nice to see the face and hear the words as well. I don't think I am game yet to put it up online because I hate the way I talk and act when I know someone is watching it... does that make sense and for some reason I sigh a lot on it and my eyes water... I hate being watched he he he even if it is just by me.. I know I am a strange wee chicky.

Anyway I better get some Papaya work done or I won't have a business he he he... putting things off this week and I shouldn't!

Will update later.....

Love Chubbymum

Update::::: I don't know how ChrisH does it.. I never know what to say later on he he he and the rest of my day wasn't that exciting either. Got mum from Bingo and she won $30 and I picked up the boys and a friend of Corbin's they came back for afternoon tea and then I took them up to the playground and I had to tell some other boys off (only about 6 & & years old) for their fowl language about 4 times it was disgusting.

Hubby got home at 5.10 and we went for a walk together and took the video's back and walked the long block and got some more videos as tv sucks tonight. It was a nice walk.

We are watching Brothers Grimm tonight and I am not sure I like it... quite a strange movie for being in the comedy section... it is more like a horror it is spooky and weird... sometimes I wonder if this people that class movies were on drugs or something.

Hubby is making me a Mocha Frappe (with water not milk) tonight at home hmmmmm.... I wanted a coffee but not a hot one and I love the Mocha Frappe's at Esquires.... I limited myself to only 2 V's a week and 3 coffees a week... then I am going to get rid of the coffees and slowly wean myself off them (cross fingers).


Thanks for reading.



celtic_girl said...

Yummo, that salmon look delish and is making me hungry! I wish I had some ME time at the moment, it just never seems to happen.

CactusFreek said...

Oh my goodness, i'm in! I don't believe it!!! lol
Now i've got some reading to do! :o)

Anne said...

We quite often treat ourselves to salmon on a Friday, instead of takeaways. Shows our food choices are changing - Fridays used to be fish and chip night!

Lisa said...

That samon looks so good..wish you could put your hands through the computer screen and grab it out and eat it lol


Lyn said...

Ahhh chicky I think we all feel like that watching videos of ourselves, well I do anyway.

You're makin me hungry with that pic ... hmmm what's for dinner?

Name: Lynise said...

hi ya,
I have just finished reading your last post and had to laugh at the end. Debbie reminded me of a friend I have that always seems to be running around like a headless chicken, always running late with everything, dispite the fact she has no children and only works 30 hours a week.

I'm sorry to be the one to say it but I don't know how sucessful you will be with your request for normal friends.
Everyone looks pretty 'normal' (whatever that is) on the surface but once you get to know them there are bound to have be a whole plethora of differences that can (and sometimes will) annoy the hell out of you.

Gosh when I think of my 'circle of friends' I just crack up laughing as we would probably drive each other insane if we spent too much time together.

I think one of the secrets to having good frienships is to enjoy the positive things they bring to the relationship and try and stay clear of some of the more negetive things.

I don't have a huge group of friends, but I have 5 -6 six people who I consider great friends who each bring different things to the table (friendship).

One of my friends is terrible with money. She has even had a few things repossessed at times. In the past I have bailed her out & lent her money and then waited far to long to have it repaid. I soon learned that she seems to live her life like this and it would have been very easy to decide to discontinue the friendship as it really annoyed me. Instead I realised that if we look hard enough we will always find things we don't like so much about people. A apart from the money issue, this friend is a really nice person who I enjoy chatting to and spending time. (I just make sure I don't loan her money, as she is still always broke & her financial situation is a disaster)

My advice would be to continue to enjoy the things you like about the friendship, but try and disconnect a little from the things you don't like.
If you are somehow able to end the conversation when your getting annoyed, I'm sure Debbie will soon realise that your not the best person to whinge to when she knows she hasn't pulled finger and is now stressing about all the things she hasn't done.

They say that misery loves company, but it also loves sympathy, so she was probably hoping you would ignore that fact that she has brought the situation on herself and say something to make her feel better.

Have a great weekend.
Great to hear you sounding happier.

Name: Lynise said...

Wow, look at that comment. That must be a new record for me. lol lol lol.
Man I talk too much.

Livy said...

What a fantastic blog you do Mandy! Love the photo, though I have to say I cannot eat salad without dressing. However, after reading my weightwatchers book (kindly donated by Mellissa), I see that even though alot of foods are good for you, they carry a hell of a lot of points!!! Like noodles! I have them every week with sweet N Sour chicken, but I might have to give them a miss now, at least for a while, they are really fattening!
You must feel so different having lost so much weight... Don't ever feel guilty about wanting YOU time, you deserve it!

Nic said...

Thankfully I have just finished my dinner and am full cause after seeing your photo I would have been into the salmon like flynn.

Hope you enjoyed your cruisy day every now and again you just need one of those mental health days for yourself to chill.


Chris H said...

They say after a while women friends 'cycles' become in sync... you, me and Lyn are all getting TOM.... too funny! I am drooling looking at the salmon, and I am not into fish much at all.... hope you have a fantastic weekend chick.

Tania said...

Oh the salmon looks delicious - hope you enjoyed it! Gotta love those indulgent days, have a great weekend.

Abba said...

I love salmon! The best salmon I ever had was in Seattle, Washington. Being from Kansas, good fresh seafood is hard to find sometimes.

Well, I gained three pounds and I finally posted my pictures. Ugh...

Spider said...

That salmon looks good. The canned version is inexpensive and if you mix onions, mustard, and mayonaise, it is a tasty sandwich spread. I usually take out the bones and the dark bits, though when I was younger I used to crush the spine up and eat a crunchy sandwich.