Wednesday, 23 May 2007


To be quite honest I thought about not weighing in this morning as I haven't weighed myself in a week and I usually weigh myself everyday.

The reason for not weighing myself everyday like I have been is because I don't want to dread my weight anymore. I do TOTALLY feel even though I am yoyoing around that I am losing inches because I have to put my belt in 2 notches and my clothes are getting to big in the arms and in the waist so I do feel even though the scales aren't saying it I am losing weight.

As yesterday's post you all know now that I am doing this on my own (well with my adorable hubby) at home so we both weighed in this morning. Hubby was up by about 800 grams (OMG) and I was up by 200 grams (OMG I thought it would be more). The reason I thought it would be more is because of Mothers day. Now I know it was a week and 2 days ago but my weight usually takes 1-2 weeks to show up and so I thought with the terrible mothers day I had that I would have had a dooozy today but it was ONLY 200 grams OMG OMG I am sooo pleased with that.

I have been having smoothies for breakfast and cutting down my carbs and having more protein and pointing... I am doing a mixture of Helena's bible and weight watchers.... I can't get my head off pointing... but it is a good thing I reckon because at least that is one habit that I have stuck with aye.

So do a little jig do a little jig Mothers day was combated and I only gained 200grams... if you saw what the boys cooked for me on that day you would wonder why I didn't gain more he he he.

Lyn you and me girl!!! Weigh in's on a Wednesday now wohooooo. Still thinking about the online WW so I keep my record going but not sure.

Anne re yesterday's comment... yes WW was getting rather repetitive for me and I totally miss it because I miss the company of the leaders so much but really I am fooling myself and maybe if I can get the money thing and wasting it out of my head then I will be fine.

I am going to do this and hubby was having a huge talk with me on Monday and saying to me that I have to start believing that I will lose the weight because I use negative talk sometimes and I noticed that I was using negative talk with Helena came up that week and when people were giving me compliments at WW I wasn't owning it and she said to me something like "take the compliment" but I was like shrugging it off saying I have yoyoed so much lately and haven't lost much... so I am going to take the advice.

I must admit the main thing keeping me going is all of you guys and your comments and your support and emails because without it I wouldn't have kept it going! I sit here wondering if that is a form of obsession or is it motivation for me. I look in my in box like a million times a day wondering if anyone has left a comment and when I do get one OMG it is like a fix ya know.... and I don't want it to stop. It keeps me going and the more I get the more I want to update and the cycle keeps going.... and if it is helping me lose this weight then wohoooo.

I have made so many wonderful friends online and I wouldn't want to give that up for nothing.


Went to the movies last night to see scoop with Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson and it was ok but OMG the acting was terrible from Woody and Scarlett it was like a B movie it was disgusting!!!! The only bonus about the movie was that we were sitting in the new picture theatre in Hamilton and the seats were devine and the screen was absolutly HUGE...

I went with my friend Denise that I used to work with at the University and then we had dinner afterwards and had a huge chat it was great catching up with her and we are going to do it again sometime.

Well I got home after the movies and read my email and had an email from a friends other half. They have been together for 11 years and have 2 kids 6 and 8 year olds... The lady is 48 and her other half is 36 (yep a big gap) we have been friends with the other half for like 18 years for me and way more for my hubby and he was our best man at our wedding.

She was sending an email to say goodbye and that G had left her on Tuesday with no word why or what she had done wrong just that he hasn't been happy for a while (arse) left her with 2 kids a mortgage up to the hilt and a holiday home they just brought in January and another huge investment too. He stopped his bank account and wages and refuses to help pay the mortgage or anything. OMG now I know we have known G for a long time but to do this to his kids is atrocious as far as I am concerned. She is beside herself and doesn't know why he left as they didn't have an arguement or anything and a week beforehand were planning holidays and other things.

Why do men do this? My husband doesn't even understand and doesn't know why and said he doesn't agree with what he did.

I phoned her and said NO this is NOT a goodbye and I refuse to let her think she is losing friends over this because I am not going to be one of them. Yes we met because of G but I like talking to her and it isn't going to stop because he is having a midlife crisis of some sort.

It was her birthday that week too and mothers day and her six year old son said to her on mothers day "mummy I am sorry I didn't get you anything but I can't get out and buy anything I am only 6" and she burst in to tears. He even promised the daughter (8 years old) that he would help her organise something for her to do for her mothers birthday and he never turned up and she was beside herself that she couldn't do anything for her mum... so her mum didn't have anything... no other half, no presents, no birthday.

OMG I am not liking G at the moment as I always thought he was the most responsible person and I didn't think he would treat his family like this at all... Why do they do it? I can understand he doesn't want to be with her anymore and that is fine because you shouldn't be with someone if you don't want to but to hurt the kids like that and not give a reason why you are leaving is really bad.

She said she hasn't slept in days and has lost 8 kilos and cries all the time... she said she even got down on her knees to beg him to come back and work on things and he was cold and said Fuck off... she doesn't know why he is being like this and she said it would be a little more bearable if she knew why but he isn't telling why.

OMG I couldn't sleep last night and hubby and I just talked and talked about what if it was us and it honestly felt like it was us and I feel soooooo sorry for her and words can't explain. I had a terrible night sleep.

I think I will phone her today to see how she is and I will tell her that I am here to babysit ANYTIME she needs a break.

Anyway on that note

I am going back to doing some work he he he

Love Chubbymum


Lisa said...

OMG that is terrible for your friend!! poor thing.

I agree with the blogging thing being helpful, I find it can actually change my mind about what I am going to eat. For instance I tend to jump on before lunch and I find I make better choices after reading blogs.

200grams is piddely, I was watching Downsize me last night and Damien was saying to the girl trying to lose weight that seeing as she was constipated (1 week) that there could very well be 2-3kilos of it inside OMG I found this really amazing. I have never been constipated - I eat far to much fruit for that - but I never thought that it could weigh that much. So 200grams could just be a decent poo.

Anyway good luck for next week.

Kate said...

Good on you for sticking by your friend! I know when my parents split up they both lost many of their friends they had known for years (some of them their whole lives) - I don't understand!

Chris H said...

That is soooo sad about your friend and her being left like that! Shit happens all the time, and it SUCKS big time. To go and not explain why is actually very very cruel of him, at least if he had explained why she could work on accepting that, but no explanation must be terrible.
I love blogging as much as you, you must know this! And I love getting comments and emails sooo much too....was the new movie theatre the one at Chartwell? Sounds devine. Later chick...

Rachel said...

Good on you and Jeremy for doing your own weight watchers, sounds like can beat him girl! LOL

That's really weird of G to do that to his family eh? Sounds like there is something MAJOR going on in his life at the moment, wait until you hear his side of the story - you never know?
Breakdown, depression, could be anything because as you said, you have know him for years and its not like him to do this.

Lee-Anne said...

Firstly, OMG girl what fantastic photos.

Secondly, you and Jeremy are a great couple and doing this together I think will help you move forward. You did say you like competition?

Thirdly, G is a shit. He is a selfish, gutless, pratt. And not because he left - but because of the way he went about it. I don't blame anyone for leaving a relationship if they are unhappy, I did it myself. But you are still an adult with responsibilities and commitments to that other person. You can't just say hey no don't want to do that anymore. What about the kids the w***K. She deserves a reason why too. Stick by her Mandy and make sure she writes everything down. EVERYTHING. Sounds like another woman.

Christine said...

I feel the same way about my blog as you do. I really do draw strength from comments and I feel refreshed being able to empty my brain daily in my blog. Some days its even worth reading...ha. Take care.

Tania said...

I feel for your friend! I guess things change for some people sometimes, obviously communication is the key when things go wrong in a relationship but it's easy for us to see that, a lot harder for men! I hope she gets the answers she needs soon. It really makes you appreciate what you have doesn't it?

celtic_girl said...

I feel so sad for your friend, nobody deserves to be treated like that, she's lucky she has a caring friend like you.

I know what you mean re blogging and comments it's sort of an affirmation of oneself.

Lyn said...

You can be a good friend to her and just keep nagging her for that coffee. Even if she says no at the time keep asking!!

When Bill and I split I so needed my friends around me. Somedays I didn't act like it but deep down I did. I also couldn't stop the crying, days on days continuesly. I found antidepressents really good for me, it just stopped the crying and helped me see more clearly to make the decisions I needed to make.

Well done for weighing in. Sometimes weighing at home it's tempting not to, but I'm going to be on your butt if you don't girlfriend!! ;) You and me togeva!!

And yes I am exactly the same with my inbox. It's a wonderful roundabout, comments motivating to update, updating motivating comments. And I do think it is a two way street. As bloggers if we want comments we need to comment on others too (not getting at you with that comment lol, you are a great commentor!)

Onto another weightloss week huh?? :)

Ohhh and I agree with Helena, you need to take the compliments!!! One question, have you ever thought of posting you before photo on your blog? I don't think I've ever seen it. Would love to see where you have come from.

Anyway enough ramble from me :)

Anne said...

Take the compliments - hard to do to start with but you deserve them so don't be modest!

So hard when a relationship breaks up - especially in circumstances like that! Just not fair. You are a great friend and will be there for her. We've had various friends break up and have always tried to remain neutral and just be there (for both of them if needed). He doesn't deserve to have your support though.

200 grams is zilch - once again what a supporitve man you have.

Blogging is the one thing that has kept me going - love the comments and input - it all helps!

Wanna_B_slim said...

OMG!!! I feel for her... poor thing.. but it happens alot...
nhothing is going to make her feel better .. just your support is the best thing at the moment...
Take care...