Saturday, 5 May 2007

TTOM - and me

Ok so I am copying off Lyn at the moment as I thought it was quite cool.... You just type "(your name) needs to" in Google and see what it says! Funny!

So here are mine:

Mandy needs help in ways I cannot comprehend
(he he he yep yep yep I certainly think so he he)

Mandy needs to keep her image clean and remember what got her to where she is
(sometimes I wonder about the internet ;-) )

Mandy needs to brush her hair, that "windblown" look is just frizzy and are on a beach for crying out blonde and something bright.
Windblown, frizzy and nappy.... well tell me what you think already.
Isn't it cool how if you put a sentence in it can bring out so many things.

I needed that to cheer me up. I HATE HAVING MY TTOM OMG!!! I am not liking it this month. Since losing weight they are getting more and more nasty and on time grrrr... I think I liked it more when I was always late so that I didn't get them every 4 weeks but more like every 6 weeks grrrrrr.

Had to drive to Raglan today for Corbin's soccer game. I am beginning to think that I am a jinxx because they lost their game and basically really played badly and didn't try when last week hubby said they were on fire. Quinn's team won 6 to 4 OMG and when I was with the team last week they didn't get any goals... he he he so I am a jinxx.

It was a nice drive to Raglan... it was foggy but it cleared up.

After the game we went looking around the shops and there were nice shops there but OMG they charged the earth for things. One little lipgloss that you could get for $5 in town was like $19 everything was sooo expensive.

We went into a coffee shop to have lunch but I was too scared to have anything... only because it wasn't looking good for me and I AM NOT GOING TO GAIN I am trying my hardest this week... as Celtic Girl is my inspiration. I mean we both started on the same weight and now she is almost in her teens (so jealous but soooo happy for Celtic Girl as she deserves it TOTALLY).

Not sure how the weigh in will go though because of the monthly and I always gain with it but I am going to try my hardest.

Leenie comes up to Hamilton this week coming and I am looking forward to it. Hopefully she can come to my kickboxing classes with me. Monday and Wednesday nights are the nights... I have even told my Kickboxing teacher about how amazing she is and so she is looking forward to meeting her. I hope she has time to come to the classes it should be fun.

I need to get some peppermint tea in to me... terrible TOM cramps tonight.

This afternoon after getting back from the soccer, hubby took the boys out to the playground and I went upstairs (to get away from my mother to tell the truth) and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's... not finished it yet as the boys came back and annoyed me but hey. It was nice to sit there and watch an old fashioned show and just blob out. I know I know second day in a row but I have just felt like blobbing these last couple of days.

My mum is driving this whole family insane today... the boys have been good and all of us sat down to watch a DVD and all she can do it come in and we pause and she moans about something and then walks out and then slams the doors and kitchen cupboards etc... and I am not letting her get her way. This is my family and we work damn hard all week and have school, work, soccer and do all the chores and homework and in the weekend we want to blob and she is not going to make me or the boys feel uncomfortable about that. I left home because I didn't feel happy or comfortable living there and she is not going to do that to me again.

I know it was me that asked her to live with us when Dad died and I do love her but I can't leave home anymore because it is my home and I am not at 36 years old going to be ruled by her little tanties anymore.

Does anyone else have lazy days? I just feel lazy and I will get over it. I am not feeling like I could eat the whole house today but I am feeling moody and grumpy...


Thank you guys for all your posts lately... it keeps me happy and sane!!!

I was on Livy's page today and I clicked on the following and after reading what was said after doing this made me realise that it got it right... I am sooo like they said...

I want to go to Tuscany and Venice!!! I would love to have a Villa there and spend time with my family and watch the beautiful land and get caught up in the village ways and just feel relaxed and serene and free to learn a new culture.... ok... enough dreaming I will come back to life now.

Anyway now that I have stolen two great things for two blogs he he he I think I might go back to reading my inbox.. OMG I have 177 emails to get through. GEESH ME!!

Love ya all

Hope your weekends are going well..

Love Chubbymum


Tania said...

Good for you on taking the time out for yourself when you need it - we should all do that more often! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Chris H said...

I took one look at that fog photo and thought "There is no f#*kn way we are EVER moving back to the Waikato! I hate fog and frosts, constant dampness and wet wet wet winters! I have never been so healthy till we moved down here away from all that dampness. I just got my first cold in 5 years, we moved down here 5 years ago... tells me something eh? Hope you are having a relaxing day today.... I got TOM too. I going on holiday today!!!! hooray!!!

Lyn said...

Firstly, it's ok to 'steal' that google thingy from me cause I stole it from someone else!! :) Isn't it funny tho!!

We did everyone we knew on it ... even our staff had a go and one of them found out her name Yasmin is a name of a contraceptive pill ... too funny!!

This may sound really crazy, weird, shoot me dead bizarre!! .. but .. I really miss the fog. It brings back childhood memories for me of Hamilton and having the 4pm fog roll in and lighting the fire and have stew for dinner and the smell of everyones fires going. Aww I do miss the fog (don't get fog here at all)

ohh and I'm feeling depressed and grumpy today too, need to get out for that walk ... HURRY UP AND GET HOME BILL!!

Wanna_B_slim said...

I get fog here too...
And 5.30 am I got TTOM too... cramps something terrible... does peppermint tea really help?? I use it to sooth my belly if I have eaten gluten and I am yuk from that.. but never used it for Tom...
I got up and took nurofen and panadol.. one of each.. and it cut it out within half an hour and now 7 hours later I am starting to get some discomfort again.. so having lunch then will take the same again.. and hopefully that should be it for me..
Take care..

celtic_girl said...

Well that's a first for me - being an "inspiration" thanks so much hun, it made my day.TOM is the pits, I thought I had started the change but after 2 years the menace returned last month and I must say I had forgotten what they were like - yukky. Look after yourself.