Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Back on track

So I was mad with myself on Monday and Tuesday but....

I changed things and went back to my kickboxing class on Monday as I felt better with my back and thought it was time to get back in to it. Hubby said even though I had a blow out on the weekend the rest of the week was good and I am also putting back on muscle that I had lost with being out of action for a month and I have been walking every night and doing my personal training so.... it was just the weekend and I shouldn't complain.

  • So I went to the kickboxing on Monday (as I said)
  • I went for a walk/jog last night woohooooo I walked one pole jogged the other pole then rested while hubby caught up as he couldn't jog with his back.
  • Hubby and I have diaryed our time on Friday to sort out the food situation and make a proper list.
  • I have been drinking my water...
  • So this week is going to be a doozy... I am going to catch up.

I gained 500 grams last night at Weight Watchers and I thought it was going to be like a kilo or more but it wasn't so that was all good. I know a gain isn't good but hey...

I was a grumpy cow in my posts and I do realise that sometimes reading posts like that you just want to jump in the screen and slap the person.

I have also realised that it was a week before my monthly and maybe that is why I wanted to snack all the time. It will be interesting to know what happens next month... and if so I have to work out some strategies aye.

The reason I haven't posted is because I have been busy with the soccer practices and walking and the gym that I haven't been much on the computer. I have tried to comment on a couple but haven't been able to... I still love you all though and tonight I am going to try and get up to date with you all... don't forget me aye he he he

I have to get a hair cut this week OMG it is driving me insane.. I haven't had one in over 3 months GEEESHHHH and that is soo not like me. It will only be a hair trimthough because I am trying to grow it.... but the fringe is just atrotious he he he.

I did have a bit of a rowl with Debbie last night at Weight Watchers... there was a new lady there and she was asking me all these questions on how much I have lost etc so I took out my comparision photos to show her and Debbie piped up and said "God you aren't bringing those photos out again are you?" I said to her "Yes and I am damn proud of them Debbie... do you have a problem with that?" she shut up after that.

Sometimes I wonder if she has manners up her arse!!

I wasn't showing her the photos just the lady that asked.

Then Debbie said to the lady "she won't mention her weight because she isn't telling anyone" in this tone and I said "NO because some people make it a competition"

OMG this poor lady must have thought that we were teenagers... I was just tired of the little comments and usually I let them slip but after gaining I wasn't in the mood for it.

After the meeting Debbie litterally shoved her weight loss book in my face and said "see how much I have lost"

I said "No Debbie I don't want to know!!! I don't mind knowing if you got to a milestone that is fantastic but I don't want to do this..." she walked off in a huff

I turned to her and said "Do NOT get in a huff with me I am not playing this game... I have explained so many times what I feel about this and you keep on going on and I AM NOT DOING THIS AGAIN"

She apologised but OMG how many times do you tell a girl that you don't want to compete without getting sooo frustrated. She makes me sooo fucken mad. I really enjoy her company but this constant badgering me about what weight I have lost is doing my head in and I think last night was just the last straw...

It was sooo nice to have my Weight Watcher ladies back.. OMG I don't want them to go away ever again... I missed them so much as the lady that took over Sucked big time.

Anyway tonight is another kickboxing night and Debbie has asked to go so that should be good.

Oh and Helena if you are reading this... I think I have organised for the Monday for you to go to the class... not sure if it will cost $10 or not but I am working on it he he he as they do do casual ones.

Anyway I will update later as I am at work and really need to get back to it.

Love ya all and I do SOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate the comments and have taken it all in and love you all dearly.

Love Chubbymum


Lee-Anne said...

Well honey I'm glad you got things sorted and you're feeling better. 500gm gain is nothing especially with TOM knocking on the door. Sounds like you're back on track tho.

Keep having a great week.

tracy said...

That is a nice positive post :-) It gets to the stage where all you seem to do is think about food, work out what you SHOULD have rather than what you WANT. Often we eat something "good" when all we wanted was something not so good, insterad we are not satisfied so we proceed to keep eating. A lot of the Bloggers have been following Intuitive Eating methods for a while & seems to be going well. I have to to a point & I find now I do not seem to obsess about food & what I should & should not eat all the time. Maybe thsi si an area you can look at.

Even if the weight is not comming off, you are still doing great, you have a full life, your kids are great, your husban is fully supportive & you are starting your own business - you rock!!!!

Livy said...

Dear me. Must read back and see what is happening with you Mandy! Good on you for having some balls and saying what you think! That kind of thing totally shits me off as well! You hang in there, you WILL get the results you want... you CAN do this!

Tania said...

Just caught up on your posts from the last few days! I really understand what you're going through and wanted to say what a great inspiration you are for getting yourself back on track so quickly.

It's tough when you have a long journey ahead, I know I started my WW journey needing to losing 70kgs, I lost nearly 40kgs and after miscarriages, a marriage and a successful pregnancy managed to gain 20kgs back - i'm still 50kgs away and often yoyo with it.

I've been through all the emotions you've gone through and have to say at the end of the day you have to do what feels right for you! For me that was taking a break from WW and tracking, i've done that for a while and my losses slowed down, so now i'm back tracking again but haven't returned to meetings!

Your success so far is admirable and if there was one bit of advice I could give anyone it's to focus on how far you've come rather than how far you've got to go - that creates such a positive attitude and I know it helps me through the tough times!

Chris H said...

Good on you for being proud of your photos, and so you should be! And just what planet is that Debbie on, can't she understand friggin english? I hope you have a wonderful coming week and have a well deserved loss next weigh in.

Jules said...

Good on you for standing your ground with debbie.

You should be proud of where you have come, if you are not then go to the supermarket and pick up 3 10kg bags of potatoes and try to walk even one aisle carrying all three. Bet you nearly die from the effort and that is what you have lost and what you DON'T hve to carry around anymore.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh man..on ya Jules.. 3 X ten kilo bags of spuds... thats what i have done too..omg no wonder I was sore all the time...
Well done one telling her how it is too... Some people just dont get it do they...
I have a g/f that askes me every week.. how did you go this week... what are you at now... as I was 30 kilos heavier than her at the start... but now I am lighter and she doesnt like it...
oh well some people just cant cope hey..
Oh I have stopped telling her my losses and just say i am staying about the same now...

Anne said...

Good to hear you back sounding so positive. Don't feel you come across as a grumpy cow in your previous posts. Blogging is for YOU and to get your feelings out there - good and not so good ones!

Be proud of the photos - you deserve to be!! She sounds a little childish?

Lyn said...

Ok I may have missed something here, but who is Debbie? (is she the one we were figuratively talking about over coffee?) and secondly ... who does she think she is?? She sounds very bad for you and no wonder you are having motivation problems with her continually over your shoulder ... sheesh

celtic_girl said...

What a wonderful man your hubby is,having support is a huge part of the battle. I'm so glad your feeling more positive. I now it's a pain re your friend, but take heart she is only jealous of your success.