Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Well my weigh in for this week is 600 grams loss.

I went from 121.6 kilos to 121 kilos and I am soooo happy with that. I know that I can't lose a kilo each week and if I can make 500 grams or a little bit more then I am happy.

So I haven't lost enough to make up for the 5 kilos for the 10 weeks but I am on my way and I am thinking more about food and my portions now and I am back in to my exercise routine and feeling so much better for it.

I am reading Helena's bible at the moment and finding it really informative and found out that I am a protein type... so in the last couple of days hubby and I have been trying different things from the bible and one is to have a little bit of protein 1 or 2 hours before bed time as apparently it helps with sleeping and I slept soooo much better last night for it.

Went to kickboxing on Monday night with Debbie and Kris was sitting in the seat at reception looking all slumber and unhappy. I think she had a meeting with the physio and so Debbie was already standing outside the Kickbox class and so I decided to introduce each other... Kris said hello and then proceeded to look at the floor and not get in on a conversation so hey I tried to hold a sival conversation but she didn't want it and it suited me fine because then I just thought hey how great is that I am happy and not worrying about what she thinks anymore. Debbie and I had a good work out on Monday night kickboxing as Liz tried new moves in the class and I was sweating like a pig.

I got a compliment this morning at school when I was dropping of the kids. A parent came up to me and said "You look fantastic have you lost more weight" I said a little but it is coming off slowly " and then she said I really love your hair colour' I said to her "OMG you are the only one that has noticed my hair colour and I did it over a week ago" she said "then they must be jealous" he he he that made me laugh. She is such an elegant lady this lady talking to me and I love how trendy she is when she dresses so it was a lovely comment that came from her.

So I am ready for another week on this journey.... I find that when I am concentrating on Papaya business my weight loss suffers and when I am concentrating on my weight loss then my business suffers.. OMG I can't win really. I know deep down that my weight loss is more important but I have spent a lot of money on my business for me not to keep it going. I have this Wedding Expo to do in July and to be honest I haven't made up enough invites to get me going and I can't think of anything at the moment that will catch their eyes and says WOW I love those invitations.

Janene asked if we won Lotto $7.5 million what would we do with it. So tell me what you think? And like Janene I challenge you to think what you would spend your money on.
  1. Wake up first he he he
  2. 1 Million between hubby's family
  3. 1 Million to my mum
  4. $500,000 to Quinn (bank account)
  5. $500,000 to Corbin (bank account)
  6. 1 Million to be spent on a new house for us to live in and be happy with
  7. 1 Million in the bank account for Savings and to keep us going for a while.
  8. $500,000 to be spent on a business that basically runs itself but I can be in (probably a craft business)
  9. $500,000 for a batch in New Zealand somewhere (not a flash one... something that we can do up and spend weekends in etc)
  10. $100,000 Go on a holiday to Tuscany, Venice (basically Italy he he) and Europe and enjoy about 6 months of travelling with the kids and have a private tutor with us too so they can keep up with their school work, but for us to enjoy life for 6 months.
  11. Go to school and learn anything I want to learn just for me and not worry how we are going to pay bills or live. Am thinking about going to learn more about Nutrition and also about psychology of losing weight so that I can start up a business to help people like me that have to sort out their minds to lose the weight because if you haven't got the right headspace then it just doesn't happen.
  12. Rent out our house that we live in at the moment... or maybe sell our house we have at the moment and buy two rentals to be rented.
  13. Hire a personal trainer so that I don't have to worry about only going once a week I could go five times a week if I want.
  14. Also hire a Nutritionist to be on hand full time to teach me and hubby and the kids about nutrition and how we can change our eating but it still be yummy... (basically like a cook too he he he).
  15. Visit all the bloggers to see how they are going and maybe have a NZ blogging night and a Australian Blogging night to catch up and have a party he he he.

Anyway will update later as I have heaps of work to do he he he

Love Chubbymum


Livy said...

You are doing so well Mandy, I am so proud of you! Congrats on the loss, it is all fat you will NEVER have to see again! You are such an inspiration to lose the amount you have already! How lovely for that lady to compliment you! I'm sure lots of people notice when people lose weight, but many dont' make a comment. The most important compliment you can get though is from yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror this morning and say "Mandy, I am sooo proud of you! You are doing so well, and you are looking good! I love you and want to cherish you, and care for you!!"

Whoever I want to be said...

Congrats on your loss....


Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done on your loss..
Isnt it nice to get some compliments.. Really boosts your esteem and makes it all worthwhile!
Take care..

Rachel said...

YAY 600grams, same as me!


Everytime I read about your Kickboxing, I picture you in a ring with another person going for it.........LOL

celtic_girl said...

Well done on the loss this week hun, woohoo, you thoroughly deserve it. I'm afraid when I weigh in, it will be a gain as Ive gotten a little (NO A BLOODY LOT) off track.All my own fault though!

Janene said...

Great loss this week, CM, and thanks for doing the daydreaming wishlist! You are sounding much more positive this week. Well done *hugs*

Lyn said...

Fantastic chickey!!! Yayya another 600g gone!!! Now dats what I talkin bout!!!

Anne said...

Well done Mandy!! So close to getting below 120k's! You are sounding happy and raring to go.

Christine said...

A loss is a loss is a is what you want, its a loss! :) GOOD GOING!

tracy said...

Well done on your loss. Definately deserved.

Tania said...

Congrats on your loss! It's so important to get that attitude right of accepting smaller losses isn't it? Like you i've had to accept the basics more of portion control, exercise, point counting etc because as much as I am completely over it sometimes I know it really works!

I too have often thought i'd love to study psychology so I can learn more about the psychology of food and weight issues and the ongoing effects to self confidence etc - I just need to find the time, oh to win a few million, what I wouldn't give for that ... lol

Felicity said...

awesome lotto dream kiddo

Nic said...

Oh great loss Mandy, that next goal is getting closer :-)
And must also say I love your new banner, the flowers are so cool.