Friday, 11 May 2007

So much to do and not enough time.

Wow the last couple of days has gone past soooo quickly....

Work was ok... couldn't wait to get out of there. Even though I got 4 more creches to do in my 21.5 hours of work I managed to get it done and time went really fast. Sometimes I reckon they think I am a miracle worker. I invoice 10 creches in 21.5 hours and the lady that left was doing 11 creches in 40 hours OMG.... I know I get my work done but GEESH sometimes they take advantage.

Took the boys to soccer practice then picked up Helena from her hotel and we took off for Kickboxing... it was a good kickbox and there weren't a lot of people there... how great is that. I was sweating (not as much as usual grrrrr) maybe I was feeling a little self conscience he he he because of Helena being there he he he but she is such a darling and she looked like she had been doing kickboxing all her life... what a thrill... he he he.

Spent the day getting a hair cut and taking mum around places and I got some beads and stuff to make some bracelets.... they look so cool. Mum took them tonight to show off at Bingo he he sooo cool. The boys made a bracelet each... Quinn did one for his teacher and Corbin made one for his Nana. So most of the night was spent making them and it took my mind off food.

When trying to write in here I can't work out what to write... I have felt like I haven't stopped for a couple of days and now trying to write about it I can't think of what to say.

I have been really trying this week with food and with exercise so I have a feeling it is going to be a nice loss this week (not a lot but nice).

Had my PT today and OMG it was the best with Joy in such a long time... we did a lot of bag kickboxing and sit ups and steppers and bench press and leg lifts etc it was the most amazing time and I felt slim and skinny and fit than I have felt in ages. It revved me up for the day that is for sure.

I haven't wanted to get on the computer for a couple of days and just wanted to do other things apart from the computer so I am sorry for being away for a couple of days.... it has revived me tha tis for sure.

We have my brother in law and his girlfriend and my mother in law coming over for dinner tonight as it is my brother in law's birthday.... which is good but they have just come back from luxenburg and Berlin and I am sooooo jealous and now the whole night will be my mother in law sitting there smiling and thinking that her younger son and his girlfriend being the best in the world and how intelligent they are and she talks to the girlfriend like she is the bees knees (and she is a nice person) but sometimes I wish she treated me like that when hubby and I were dating... I got so much hell from her when we dated and I hated the woman like you wouldn't believe so now seeing how great she is with the girlfriend makes me sooo angry.

I sometimes think it was because I wasn't intelligent enough or skinny enough or rich enough for her son... she blamed me for hubby not finishing his degree (2 papers) and I was the one that kept him at the University for as long as he stayed and I supported him (not like she did) he lived with me and I paid the bills and went to work and there was no help from her. I get angry sometimes about the whole thing and how she tried to stop me seeing him etc... OH it makes me sooo angry.

Anyway better go as they will be here soon ho hum.



Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohhhh i sence a little hatred for the ol mother in law.. hehe..
Oh well just think yourself lucky she doesnt live with you... You only have to put upwith her every now and then...
fingers crossed for a good loss for you this week!

Whoever I want to be said...

I am so glad I don't have to put up with a MIL now.... LOL

Have a great weekend


celtic_girl said...

Hmmm can you get a photo of your MIL and put in on your punching bag, just a thought there hun.

Have a great weekend

Tania said...

Wow you have been busy! Look forward to hearing about your result for the week.

Hope the dinner went well - as for your MIL, be polite and pleasant and DON'T let her get to you, it sounds like that's what she wants to do, you deserve better than that.

Have a great weekend!

Anne said...

Families - they can drive you nuts. But maybe MIL has realised she treated you badly and could be trying not to make the same mistakes? Maybe not but just grit your teeth!

Karen and Rachel said...

Hope the dinner went well and that MIL didn't drive you too crazy hun!
Have a great weekend xx

Lyn said...

don't get too stressed out with her there. Remember it is her issues and not yours.

Lee-Anne said...

I hope you made it through dinner okay.

Have a wonderful mothers day. xxx

Jules said...

You can't choose your family, or in laws unfortunately. I hate Blair's mother with a passion