Saturday, 19 May 2007

Friday Trivial Pursuit and Soccer

Wow the last two days have been soooo full on.

Friday morning I spent most of day in bed as I have not been sleeping properly and reading my book... it was great.

Friday night was spent at the kids school at the Trivial Pursuit night raising money for the PTA... what a hoot of a night. Tania got the group of us together and she organised the wigs and bows and balloons and it didn't take much but it was funny.

BUT we won!!! We won best team costume of the night wooohooooo.... it was great. There were sixteen groups and we came eighth place but that was better than coming last aye. It was a fabulous night out with friends and we got home about 11pm and I got to sleep about 12 he he. Below me with orange hair and hubby with purple and my friend Tanya is in the pink.

Below in pink is Tanya my friend.


This morning got up had breakfast with the kids and then got ready for soccer again. Went to Corbin's team and they were playing so well. I think they get to the stage that the teams have all been playing for a while that it gets harder and harder to get goals.

They played so well and I was screaming on the sidelines as well as some of the other mums he he he it was great... they were great but just after half time I had to go and take Quinn to his game.

Quinn's game started with a big bang!!! Quinn almost got a goal but it got hit off the goal post grrr but went straight back within in a few minutes and got his first goal out of 3 goals today OMG he is a goal hogger he he he. His team won 7 goals to 4 woohooooo that is fantastic....

This is his team after the game all standing there buggered but so happy with themselves. Quinn on the far left (got 3 goals) Matt is next to him (got 1 goal) Benjamin is next to him (2 goals) and the boy on the far left is Ben (1 goal)...

For my purposes.... from left to right is Quinn, Matt, Benjamin, Marcus, Lucas, ??? Ben.

Hubby's Dad and step mum came to watch Quinn play and then afterwards we took the boys to McDonalds for lunch and then took the food over to the park across the road and when they finished eating we got the autumn leaves and starting throwing them.... I am not too sure that I like the photos of me but hey... have to get used to photos aye.

More photos in the next post down.