Monday, 14 May 2007

Mothers day

OMG this is the third time doing this.

I am going to copy this after finishing because Blogger is causing me no end of problems.

I had a fabulous mothers day and was treated like a Queen for the day.

Woke up at about 7.30 thinking OMG I can sleep in this morning and I couldn't... isn't it always the way that when you can sleep in your body won't let ya.

So hubby went downstairs to organise the boys etc and he put on Under the Tuscan Sun for me OMG it is my all time favourite movie... I have watched it sooo many times and I still get such a great great feeling in my heart.

So half way through I stopped the DVD and went downstairs to give my mum her mothers day present and give her a hug. The boys gave her a homemade card they had done and it was nice....

Went back upstairs to my duvet and pj's and my DVD and the next minute the boys were up there and giving me their homemade cards and I was crying while reading them because they tried so hard and Quinn (my 5 year old) really tried to write a sentence and not copy of anyone etc... and he said "hape mthrs day, u r vantastec mum" He he he I had to laugh when I saw that as he really tried to hear all the sounds etc and I started crying and they both wanted to know why I was crying... I was crying because I have the best sons in the world and they really think about things...

So they gave me their presents (that they brought from the $2 shop) and they were fluffy red gloves (from Corbin) and a key chain with a pen and a stretchy thing and red also from Quinn. I asked them why they chose red for both the presents and they said because Red is their favourite colour and they knew I would like them....

I gave them a big hug.

Then breakfast was made and brought up to me. It was English muffins with one egg and bacon and hubby had made a low fat benedict sauce to go over the top hmmmmmm yummmmmy.

We all had breakfast in bed he he he it was great and watched the rest of Under the Tuscan Sun.

I read my book that I got from hubby by Jane Green for about half an hour then went and got a shower and changed (as MIL was coming over for lunch).

Went downstairs to see the boys making lunch for us all... hmmmmmmm

I sat down at the table making some bracelets with my mum and then the boys and hubby gave me another present... OMG I didn't expect anything else but it was a bust... (you know like the ones the sewers have when making dresses) but it was a miniture one that you put jewellery on and it was dressed in a beautiful sequin black dress (will take a photo and add to this when I get home tonight).

I hugged my husband sooo much because usually you know what men are like they never listen but he must have listened when I told him months ago I liked it in this lovely shop up here and I was soooo happy.

My MIL turned up and we gave her her mothers day present and she really liked what she got.

So the boys made us lunch and set up the table outside in the sun and we had Devonshire tea with scones and jam and cream. It was fabulous... I mean I just felt soooo happy etc.

We sat there after lunch reading magazines and the kids got their Wheelers book club magazine out and were trying to work out how much they had to earn to get some books from it... he he he pocket money saves me heaps he he he.

After MIL left we got on our bikes and went for a 8km bike ride (OMG it was great and fast it only took us 45 minutes) and about 6 months ago it would have taken us hours with Quinn being so slow... but without his training wheels it has been fantastic. We went along the river and past our gym and on the way home we stopped at a playground and I layed down on the bench with my head on hubby's legs and looked up at the sky it was a beautiful day and I was feeling quite relaxed.

Got home BUGGERED!!!! he he as the boys are really fast now.

Went back upstairs got my pj's on he he he and read my book and while reading the boys brought up a platter with cheeses, crackers, quince, and grapes he he he was I in heaven or what.

Dinner was made and it was steak with bacon wrapped around it with a mushroom sauce on the top and lots of veges and for dessert we finished off with some more grapes.

OK so this weeks weigh in isn't going to be too good but I don't care... I had an indulgent day with my boys and it was fantastic... so this week phewwy to the weight he he he

So anyway that was my mothers day and it was bliss.

Love ya all


Name: Lynise said...

Hi Mandy,
Sounds like you had a really lovely mothers day. Sometimes at work I see young children who are living in homes where they are not nurtured or loved and I see these beautiful children becoming bitter and despondant towards the world. It is so lovely to hear about all the things your boys are doing as they will be learning such valuable lessons along the way, & most importantly they are learning about loving and caring for others as well as being told how important they are as well, which truely is the greatest gift we can give our children.

I LOVE under the Tuscan sun as well, its definitely up there with my list of fav's. I have just recently discovered 'the woman of substance' series (from the books written by Barbara Taylor Bradford) and am really enjoying this series too. (for someone with the attention span of a flea (ie, me) its sometimes hard to find movies I really like as its got to be a real 'feel good' movie for me to enjoy it.
Have a great week.

Kate said...

What a lovely day you had, yay!

p.s. I know what you mean about blogger, I will never go back. I've never had one single problem in 1.5 years on Typepad.

fitcat said...

What a great post, it left me with all sorts of warm and fuzzies! It sounds like you had a really fantastic day and that you really enjoyed yourself. Your kids are so cute and your husband - well, you're a very lucky woman and you deserve that. :) :)

Nic said...

what a great mother's day you had, it sounds as though your three boys put a lot of thought into your whole day to make it an extra special day.


Livy said...

You deserve to have such a fab mothers day! That's great.
I LOVE the movie Beaches for a feel good movie, or Shawshank Redemption, or My Best Friend's Wedding, or Pretty Woman. I have seen Under the Tuscan Sun, and think it's OK, but wouldn't blow wind up the movies above!! Another really good feel good movie is "I am Sam".
Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day. What an awesome hubby you have!!! You must be so proud of your boys.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Wow... another spoilt mum... sounds like a fantastic day...
yeah i say phooey to the weigh in this week also!! hahahah

Christine said...

Thats so great that you had a nice Mothers Day! Happy that you can be surrounded by family and love. Don't worry about the weigh in - start fresh today. :)

Anne said...

What a lovely day those boys of yours gave you! They went out of their way to make it special:-) No wonder you are so proud of them!

Has Jane Green got a new book out??

Rachel said...

What a lovely, special family you have and I bet they had as much fun as you did looking after you for the day *grin*.

Go you on that bike ride, you must have ridden your indulgences off I reckon.

Lyn said...

What a wonderful day you had!! I love that path along the Waikato River!! Walked it many times and it's one thing I miss about Hamilton!

Re: your comment ... I'm doing ww online