Monday, 7 January 2008

Lots to talk about today


Was in a bitch of a mood... and I think it was because I didn't like the thought of having to go back to work on Monday...hmmmm grrrrrr.

Went to the gym and worked my butt off but I get the feeling that people just don't want to see me running on the treadmill because I do a 5 minute warm up and then I get ready to do my 1 1/2 minute jog on the treadmill and YEP I got interrupted again... chat chat chatting GEESH why don't people come and talk to me when I am on the weights.... so I managed only 1 1/2 minutes because for the rest of the time I was walking and chatting... so was a little bit upset about that.

Did manage to do my weights and also got on the bloody cross trainer ekkkkkk I hate the bloody thing and the year before last I got up to almost doing 15 minutes on the damn thing but now I can only manage 5 minutes and I feel like I am dying... so I decided yesterday I would do 5 minutes but each minute would get faster so that I didn't have to be on there long but still had to do enough work.... so I think I did pretty well.

Was dissappointed in the gain of 1.6 kilos on Saturday but this morning I was down 700 grams so hey that was ok by me... I think I will do well this week. I have tracked the last week (in a book at home as I didn't get on the computer as much as I liked) and I have exercised and I am watching what I am eating.

I have a 5kg challenge to get it off by the 17th Feb (6 weeks) and I need to do this and stop fucking around. I know I can maintain so I am going to be ok when I get to my personal goal of 75 kilos but I need to shift of the 120's permanently. I am to get to 115.8 DAMN IT!!! This is getting ridiculous and it is not shifting even though I am tracking and keeping to points. I have 117's and 116's and 115's charms for my bracelet to achieve and I want them.!!!

Kris came over in the weekend as Corbin wanted to take Ashley to the Lavender gardens with us (he likes her and she likes him) anyway and Kris said "I want your husband" OMG I said "why?" she said because he plays with the kids and I haven't seen Ashley this happy in ages. Well she knows what she can do about that... talk to her husband or get out of the relationship bloody hell.. anyway so she also said she liked my bracelet and where did I get it and I said hubby brought it for me and I am not sure where... (not going to tell her I know as I don't want that woman to have the same) so at least I know that it does look good and it is a good motivator for me.

I have 4 people on the yahoo group and it is going to be great I can just feel it... we are going to support each other and we are going to lose this weight so thank you guys for joining me and also helping me out in this weight loss journey as I need to email more than just on my blog ya know.

So back to the start... was a little grumpy but had a visit from Pam and Brianna and that was nice and also had a visit from my friend Tania to show us her new dog (it is a sausage dog) and how cute was he.

Also went to the library on Sunday to get more books out and it was great to see both my boys sitting down and reading in the afternoon when we got back and chilling out in this heat (not watching bloody tv or computer) so it was a nice thing.

Didn't get any crafts done but will still keep up with it.

The next month is going to be sooo busy for me.
  • I have Lyn's wedding invites
  • Going away to Athenree for a week
  • 2 weeks off work and 1 in Athenree and 1 week with hubby (as kids go back to school woohoo)
  • Staying at my friends batch (Mansion or Bansion as we call it) for the weekend before we are on holiday. Going to go jet skiing and swimming so that is going to be fun.

ARGHHH so full on

Well better get some work done ho hum.

Love Chubbymum



Anne said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

So hard getting back into work after a break. I feel just a bit down as I know I have done some damage over the past couple of weeks and need to get back on track.

celtic_girl said...

I hate the cross trainer as well, it sucks.