Saturday, 5 January 2008

Weight Loss Bloggers

I need more support... feel like I am sinking.

If any bloggers want to join me ANYONE please go here and join

Let's help each other and use yahoo groups to give some encouragement. It doesn't always have to be about weight loss because frankly I do think that your whole life has to be happy before the weight loss will come off and so talking about things and helping people will

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Nic said...

Hi Mandy ...

Thanks for the re-invite to join your blog, I was out of action for a while but am back now - yeah baby.
So happy new year to you and your family and heres to you catching up to Jeremy (weight wise) by the end of it, I know you can do it.
Almost caught up with where I left off but just wanted to say that I loved the clock you made for Corbins teacher, it is awesome.


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