Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Am I back with it or what!!

Since Saturday I have been feeling better and better each day.

I don't normally do it but have been weighing myself everyday this week because I need to get back on track then I will go back to normal weighing but I am on track and I feel soooo much better. I have lost 1.2 since Saturday and feeling sooooooo happy about it. I am down to 119.6 kilos.

Been conversing with the yahoo group and another group that I have joined because I read back on my blog and I was doing better when I was chatting with people in the same situation and then I dwindled off and wasn't so... that is my aim to get back to it as it motivates me and keeps me going.

I have been tracking with hubby at home and it is going really well too..

I am going to do this.

40.4 kilos (1.2 kilos this week) down 19.7 kilos to get to my goal of double digits.

Was thinking this morning that my wrist is going to be full of charms he he he. I have the two charms so far and if I have to loose 19 kilos just to get to the double digits then I am going to have 19 more charms woohoooooo will just have to put on another bracelet and have two of them he he he.

I have to experience what it is like being 99 kilos... I just have to and I need to keep my motivation going. No more excuses and I am going to help me first!!! Encourage me FIRST and not put me second anymore.

Putting my exercise on the sidebar too and what I have done and what I have planned for the coming week. Working within my weigh in weeks and then start again for the next week.

Had a fanbloodytastic chat on the yahoo group with Libra last night and in the end we went on a chat line because we were going back and forth he he he... it was fantastic because there were soooo many things that we have done similar and books we have read and I felt really relaxed talking to her.. it was nice Libra thank you. I really appreciated it last night... believe me you have given me the get up and go to get off my backside and keep on this. Thank you... Thank you...




Jules said...

Good on ya mate. I have been back on the health wagon since Monday and feel better for it. Just need to get moving but slowly does it due to the repairing vadge!!

I experienced 99 for the first time about a month before the wedding and it was just a divine feeling. Too bad I have another 3.7kg to feel that again, oh well gluten free and healthy all the way.

Tania said...

Well done Mandy! You're doing great, I know what you mean about the 99, like Jules I was aiming to achieve it for my wedding and missed out by the smallest amount (I think it was 500 grams). It's a long way off now but thankfully my determination isn't.

As to weighing in daily - do whatever it takes to motivate you. But remember if you find yourself having a negative reaction to a weigh in put them away quick - it's taken me months to learn that lesson ... lol

Abba said...

You are doing so well. One day at a time. One kilo/pound at a time! Great job!

Helena said...

You are fanfarkintastic and I believe in you *smooch*

Karen said...

I believe in you too hun! And you will get to experience that wonderful feeling of 99 this year! You can and will do it!
Just wish I could do it again too...

Anne said...

Great post - you will achieve your aim, I just know it!

libra said...

Loved chatting with you too :) Hope we can do it again soon, hope you had a good day today (I'm sure you did)

Me said...

You are so right - when you put yourself first - it makes you a better wife, Mom, friend to everyone - I learned that the hard way and wish I had learnt it sooner.

Good luck !