Thursday, 3 January 2008

Need more support

I need more support at the moment and was wondering if anyone was keen to start with me a chat group. I know that sometimes these can be annoying... but sometimes I want to chat about daily life and get some feedback about weight loss stuff and not necessarily put it in my blog but just to chat with people that are going through the same thing.

Would anyone be interested?

I find if I can talk about it more then I am more focussed because I am trying hard to not eat the wrong thing... where as at the moment I want to eat and I don't care. I want to care!!!



Ok today I decided I wanted a bagel, egg and salmon for breakfast but decided I wouldn't drive to Woolworths that if I wanted to eat it. So we walked to the shop and brought what we needed and got a few other things (so as you can imagine it was a bitch to walk back with the weight of the food as well he he he) but it was great that I walked for my breakfast.

Jeremy mowed the front lawn and we both had a shower then it was off to Corbin's friends Cathan's place for lunch. It was a peaceful lunch and we had fun... quite relaxing and the kids were swimming and on the trampoline and also on the computer and playing Monopoly so it was a nice afternoon.

We left there and then went hunting to buy Quinn a floating back pack but they didn't have them at Para Rubber (till next week) or at K Mart or The Warehouse GEESH but he he he hubby brought me a laminator OMG I have wanted a laminator for such a long time to laminate the boys art work etc and put them in a book so in two days I got the binder and laminator woohooooo... what a stationery aholic I am. I suppose it is better than spending money on lots of not so good food aye.

The day went so fast and didn't feel like it was going fast but it did.

Not going to be here tomorrow... going to Mt Maunganui to visit Marina (my Thursday coffee friend) they have a batch (pictures tell me it is a mansion not a batch he he he) about 2 seconds walk from the beach and they have a pool and spa and like 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms he he he so tomorrow hopefull will be a good one... Little worried about the driving with all the idiots on the road in the holidays. Not too worried about the beach or water too much because my boys don't like going to far in the water anyway so should be a good day and hey I might even come back with a tan he he.

Good night



Chris H said...

OOO I hope you have fun at the beach, I love the Mount. Watch ya eye lids don't get burnt, it hurts and sure ain't a good look! I am not into live chats sorry, I spend far too much time on my bloody computer now as it is!

libra said...

Have a great time at the beach..we have been having really long hot days, can't do much except lie out in it sunblocked of course lol..
I used to love the ww live chat rooms it was great but they stopped them not sure why, but it was so good chatting to people who could give me encouragement and share tips :)

Abba said...

I would be interested. I could use some feedback as well. Great job on the walk. Good for you!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Whats a batch???

Felicity said...

im up for a chat supprt group