Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 here I come

OMG am I back in to blogging or what.

So far this morning slept in till 9am woohoooo that doesn't happen often but I woke up with another headache... Jeremy seems to think I have a nasel infection or something like that... I think I agree with him.

Corbin and Quinn wanted friends over today so I said we would phone some and so Corbin phoned Cathan to come over and then Jeremy talked to Ange (Cathan's mum) and she said she was going over to their new house (they are building) and would drop him off but he could only stay till lunch as he has a friend coming over... and we said we were going berry picking so he could come with us... well 10 minutes later Cathan phoned and said that he couldn't come over today but Corbin can come over tomorrow... Jeremy thought that was strange so he said can I speak to your mum he said she was in the shower and would get her to phone back...

Well when I got out of the shower she hadn't phoned... hmmm strange.. so I phoned her and she said that Cathan said that it was arranged to do it tomorrow and Jeremy said "no cathan phoned to say it.. he he he" so we realised that Cathan didn't want to go berry picking as he didn't like it but was too scared to say so... so he thought he would say he couldn't make it instead... anyway so we said we wouldn't go berry picking and he should come over and visit..

I went to pick them up from the building site and said to his mum that we could take Kiely as well (his sister) as she gets on with Quinn so well.

We also had Tahlia Rose (Quinn's girlfriend) who came over for the afternoon and Quinn was soooo excited. We went Blueberry picking and then they went swimming in the pool (paddling pool), and then we made blueberry muffins yummmy (but we also made mini ones for me to have he he).

We are going over to Cathan's place for lunch tomorrow and then on Friday we are going to our friends batch (hmmm not much of a batch it is better than a mansion he he he) at Mt Maunganui right on the beach for the day... and one of their son's is Corbin's friend at school... it is going to be fun.

Tania came over for dinner tonight we thought we would have ANOTHER BBQ he he he quite like the steaks on the BBQ.

I am back tracking and walking and feeling better today. Yesterday I wasn't feeling good in my tummy but we wen for a walk... I am enjoying the walking with Jeremy as we talk about things and work things out etc.

This year has to be a good one. I have managed to change habits and even with Xmas I haven't gained like I would have before and I have to be happy with that... I know that I can maintain and that is the hardest thing I reckon and if I can maintain then when I get to goal (YES I AM GOING TO GET TO GOAL) then I am not going to gain it back again and I do reckon that is the hardest thing.

My New Year's resolutions are going to happen this year.. I am going to achieve them and they aren't unrealistic I reckon.

Well better get going as we have Tahlia coming over and then we are going to go Berry picking as I have been wanting to do that like forever.

Saturday we are thinking about going to TeAwamutu to the Lavendar farm and Corbin wants to ask Ashley (Kris's daughter) he he he sooo funny he is smitten by her like you wouldn't believe and asked me to phone and ask.. I said why don't you and he said no... can you and had a red face.

Cathan and Corbin playing soccer swing ball (above)

Quinn and Tahlia picking blueberrys yummmy

Me... telling Jeremy TAKE the DAMN photo please... hate photos he he he

Yummy blueberry's... we got two and a half containers full of blueberrys yummmmmy

And a picture of Quinn and Tahlia... hugging... hmmmm not sure about this one... was being quite protective when they hugged and said now now... you guys are rather young... at least it was only a hug GEESH... OMG I am going to be in trouble with this boy when he gets to be a teenager that is for sure.

This is them making blueberry muffins and Corbin and Jeremy below making them too... sooo cool.

We went for a walk tonight and went the big block too... it was great and then tomorrow morning we are off to the gym woohoooo back on track back on track.

Good night all.



celtic_girl said...

And what a handsome couple your son and his "girlfriend" make.

Happy New Year to you my friend. I know we will make this year count!!!

Felicity said...

u sound so with it girl. Yum look at all those blueberries make my mouth water all those healty antioxidents.

Chris H said...

Your boys are still at the age where playing with girls is fun.. give them a few more years and that will change to "girls are yuk"... and then a few more years after that and ... well.. . we all know what happens next eh? Been there, seen it all !!! Just got Griffin to go, and he still thinks girls are nice.. except his sister of course!!!!

Tania said...

Don't you just love holidays - sounds like you guys are having lots of fun family times together!

Every time you mention "Tania" I keep thinking your talking about me ... lol ... i'm not vain or anything, i'm just not used to seeing other people with the same spelling as my name, Tania with a "y" is so much more common!