Saturday, 22 July 2006

Personal Training with Crusher

Friday with the my personal trainer (Crusher is her name)... was great.

I am seeing Crusher every week and she worked my backside off and made me work out at the hardest possible to see how far I could go...

I have a tendancy to got at the speed that I am told and not to push myself so Crusher is trying to push me to go to my ultimate limits. I wrote a long letter to her beforehand to tell her what I am doing now on the treadmill, bike, rower and cross trainer and what I would like to achieve and OMG she took it literally and said that I can start off where I want to go and keep at it... OMG I was shagged and when I was on the Cross trainer she put me on it for 10 minutes... now a year ago I couldn't last 1 minute on it ONE minute and then I just managed to get on it for 5 minutes and it is ok on my knee but I don't use the arms because of it making me put too much pressure on my knee.

WELLLLLLL she made me every second minute use the arms and I was sweating like a pig!!! I had it coming down my face in bucket fulls and it was SOOOO wonderful.

When she was finished with me with all the cardio machines and pushed me to the limit I decided to go back on the bike for 10 minutes and push myself every minute and rest for a minute. I felt wonderful.

I am not feeling to good today... I think it is an onset of a cold. I have a sore throat and headache and feeling quite grumpy today but I am going to go to bed early tonight and get better for tomorrow as I am meeting up with the girls at the gym tomorrow morning for our hour 45 minute work out and then our spa and chat chat chat...he he he I do not want to miss out on it.

My trainer sent me a text today... and this is what she said "Keep up your positive attitude Chubbymum 4 yr training coz ur are doin gr8! We r gonna get u there 2 those goals asap! :-)"

It sent warm fuzzies down my spine aye...

Brought myself some soccer boots today for the tough guy/gal challenge on the 20th August so that I can go through this mud and water without slipping.

We are making shrimp fried rice for dinner tonight and it smells yummmmmmmy.

Anyway I am going to have dinner and then get ready for bed as I am sooooo not feeling well.

Love ya all

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