Monday, 17 July 2006

Act together

OMG three days in a row and I am updating..

Been quite depressed today! Upset because I am not getting anywhere with this weight loss and I am doing the gym 4 times a week (apart from this past week as I was stuffed from boot camp) and I am not losing the weight...

Obviously it is something that I am doing but I cannot work out for the life of me what it is. I am going down in measurements (not a hell of a lot) but down but not on the scales. I want to do this! I do want to do this!! I have to do this....

I have been on email with a friend from LEAN most of the day because of the fact that it is doing my head in... and she cannot help me.. I have to help myself but how to do that. I am tired of it all... tired of watching what I eat and watching that I have done exercise.

I emailed my trainer today to say that the LEAN group of ladies are fantastic and so is she but I have lost enthusiasm for getting up at 5.30 to do exercise and that I haven't got any motivation and was wondering if she could help me... she phoned me on my cellphone and said "I knew about 3 weeks ago that you would phone" I asked her how she knew.. she said she could just tell. She said that she had to wait for me to contact her and she said that she thinks I need some personal training one on one.. I said I would love that but I can't really afford a lot as it is like $40 a session... she said "go home and talk to hubby and come back with a figure that you can afford and I we will sort out a timetable... whatever I come up with we will do it together" OMG when she phoned and said that I was outside the school picking up Corbin and I couldn't stop crying... lucky that my windows in the car are partly tinted so they couldn't see because it touched me like you wouldn't believe.

So I am going to email her tonight with the amount hubby and I worked out and see what we can do with that. I do want to do this aye!! I don't want to be depressed any longer.. I have 5.7 kilos to get to 30 kilos.. it keeps jumping from 4 kilos to go to 5 kilos to go and I have to stop it.

Hubby and I went grocery shopping on Saturday and from Wednesday (as I have to do a full week) I am on No Count so I can try that out... so let's hope that works. I have been drinking my water today.

I got a compliment from one of the ladies at work last Wednesday and she said it looked like I had lost weight so I suppose to others it looks like I am or it could be the clothes that I am wearing.

Work sucked today it just seemed like it was dragging sooo much he he he he.

Going to bed early tonight.

My thoughts go out to Emily and Jonny tonight for the loss of their baby... big hugs.

Love Chubbymum

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