Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Dress Rehersal Tonight

Went to bed early last night WOHOOOOO... I felt much better for the sleep... I must admit I was like a bull yesterday and was quite a moody person.

I have rehersal's tonight for boot camp song and dance OMG I can't wait to see the girls again it will be soooo cool.

I am sooo nervous about boot camp. Not nervous about the people just the stuff our trainer is going to make us do! But it should be fun. I hope my knee copes will all that exercise in one weekend as I usually do an hour or two and then rest it ya know but 3 days worth is going to be interesting.

My youngest Quinn was taken to the Dentist today by hubby... as he has been complaining about sore teeth.. we could only get a normal dentist to look at him as the schools are all out and the dentist tried his hardest to drill the tooth but he wouldn't let him touch it so they gave antibiotics and said to make an appointment with a pediatrician OMG and it will cost us the same as an adult GRRRR (I know it has to be done and it isn't his fault) but OMG that will cost the earth that is for sure. So I am trying to find one to book him in.

Poor wee man! I do feel sorry for him. My two boys have always had problems with their ears and have had antibiotics up the wazzo and the doctors said that it could cause problems with their teeth but what do you do let them feel bad and not use antibiotics. It is a hard choice but I would rather they were well then worry about them ya know..

My life is consumed with Boot Camp stuff at the moment. I can't wait but then I think OMG what am I going to do afterwards as it has been such an experience and our LEAN group are closer than ever now.... I JUST LOVE IT!

Anyway I might update later about what happened in the dress rehersal he he he

Love ya all


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