Saturday, 29 July 2006


Busy day today....

Feeling bitchy he he he but don't worry I am not writing that sort of stuff here.

Went to my PT session with my favorite person Crusher and it was a great work out. I decided to get there a half an hour earlier so that I could do 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the water bike to work my arms out. Then Crusher he he he he had a talk to me about my food and if I wanted to try a food diary that she worked out for another lady and I said I would love to and so she emailed it to me and I have worked out my food for 2 weeks and brought it all today OMG OMG OMG it feels like a hell of a lot of food. Apparently this other girl lost 1.5 kilos in a week so we shall see that is for sure.

6 meals a day and I can't get over it and I am feeling quite full so we shall see how it goes. The other condition I have to do is email her every night with my food and how I am feeling about the food and everything in my life at the time so we can work out things.

I am feeling really confident that I can do this and with Crusher helping me it has changed my thinking and motivation so much that I can't think how I can thank Crusher.. I feel so comfortable with this lady as she doesn't treat me any differently than she does other people and OH BOY she worked my thighs yesterday that I was quite sore walking around today. I now remember why we nick named her The Crusher (and she knows this by the way).

Anyway... quite tired and I think I am going upstairs to watch tv after I put the boys in bed....

Love ya all


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