Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Third in a row (cross fingers)

Ok so I haven't been updating like should because I have to send an email to my trainer every night with the food I have eaten and what I am feeling while I am eating the food.

I am doing a food plan that she has given me... (with a couple of changes depending on what is happening in my life)...

Anyway went over to her place last night to talk about the problems I am having... the main one being that I am feeling soooo full and that I am constantly shoving food in my face and I finish one meal and then the next is on my backside... so we have made 5 small meals a day instead of 6 and combined my two morning snacks together... so I started that today and it has been much better. I thought I might put my food etc up on here every night too so that I can keep a record of it too... so if you all don't mind reading it as well here goes:

8.30 am
Pumpkin Bagel
I enjoyed having the bagel... something a little
different. It was quick to put in the toaster as I started work at 7.30 and
needed to eat something before starting or I would have been a nightmare.. now
see I am changing my views on breakfast hmmmmm interesting isn't

Morning Tea
9.30 am
Mixed Berry Smoothie
Felt quite full with having a smoothie and the
glass of water.
I think I am finally getting the hang of being soooo full in the mornings but not sure if I still like it.
I am really worried about whether I will lose or not tonight at Weight Watchers because I do feel like I have been eating way way way too much food he he he but then again we shall see that is
for sure.

Chilli Con Carne
Enjoyed the Chilli Con Carne today… I didn’t
feel so stuffed today like yesterday but still really full! I think I am learning
how it feels with a full tummy… Weight Watchers always talks about thinking
about how full or empty your stomach is and I could never really tell when I
was hungry or full etc and now I am feeling the fullness that I don’t
like and how much I have to eat to get to that.

I will put in the dinner tonight as well as tell you how I did at Weight Watchers. I have been sticking to the food plan and doing all my exercise this week... 6 days of exercise this week and I am totally over exercise this week he he he even though I am feeling good about the exercise and about the food (sort of the food) but I don't feel like tonight I will lose... I feel quite bloated and not altogether happy that I will lose... which I know sounds bad but after talking to hubby I think we have come to the conclusion that because I am eating more it will take a week for my body to get used to the extra nutrician in my body... but I will update later.

It would be FANBLOODYTASTIC to have three weeks of losses but I can't have everything that is how I see it this week.

Catch ya all later
Love Chubbymum

Ok so I am a little dissapointed with the result but I gained 100 grams (I know you are all going to say it is only 100 grams) but I worked SO DAMN HARD this week with making sure I kept to my trainers food menu and I worked out at the gym for 6 days... I really wanted this to work. I mean it worked for the other lady that was doing this and she lost 1.5 kilos... why didn't it work for me.

I went home and was all upset and I could see it in my friends face (that goes to WW with me) that obviously I wasn't good or I would have lost... when I got home even my mum said "OMG no you did so well that isn't right" and my mum doesn't stick up for me at all unless she can see it ya know. I could tell my friend was thinking OMG girl it is only 100grams but when you know you have worked hard and exercised hard then it is gutting to gain. I MEAN I REALLY TRIED!!!

So I thought ok I am going to take that whole menu and point it.. on the menu was all good food and not much meat and hardly any bread so why the hell would I gain (please don't say muscle OMG I hate that excuse).

So the points!! OMG when I pointed it and made sure I got every single piece of food etc it was like averaging about 28-30 a day OMG OMG no wonder and I was feeling soooo bloated... I am pleased that I had stuck to this plan but it just needed some tweeking and OMG if another lady (who is just as big as me) would lose that amount then surely I can... but it wasn't right for me.

I really think my trainer was trying to help and when you look at the menu plan you can see it is all healthy but there was just too much... so last night I spent 2 hours on it tweeking it so that the points were within my points and took it down to 5 meals a day and put some other stuff in there so it was not so high in points.

I am pleased with it so I am going to try it out from today and BOY IF I GAIN NEXT WEEK SO HELP ME GOD. If I do then it is back to No Count because I did so well with it.

Hubby and I were talking last night lots because I was so upset and he said that my body is the strangest body ever... he said it like this "Last year you would have all this crap food and NO EXERCISE whatsoever but you didn't gain that much, I mean you went to weight watchers and then left and in two years you only gained 2 kilos so how on earth can you gain when you are trying so hard now and you are doing exercise" I totally agree with him... it doesn't make sense.. my body just sucks!!!

I want this so bad!!! I have 3.3 (now) to get to 30 kilos and I feel like it is going to take forever!

I thank my trainer sooo much as she is trying hard to keep me motivated and she sends fantastic txt messages to me to keep my spirits up and OMG just everything she is trying but I think the food menu this week just wasn't for me. I must admit I did feel too full for most of the day and my tummy was telling OI YOU NO!!

So watch this space guys it is going to happen.

On another note... I think not posting on here isn't helping me anymore as I was losing when I was updating and getting comments and reading other people's blogs and I have dwindled and it isn't good... so I have put in my diary that I have to update at least every second night until I am back in the habit again. I sometimes feel that no one is really that interested in my boring day so why write about it.. but if it is helping me lose the weight then if they didn't want to read then they wouldn't so I am just going to write anyway he he he.

Anyway better get some work done as I am updating this from work he he he.

Love CM

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