Thursday, 31 August 2006

Birthday, Grommets, Adenoids

It is Corbin's birthday today and hubby and I took him to school… and Quinn and Corbin was happy and left him there and went to hospital with Quinn for Grommets and have his adenoids out.

Got to the hospital at 10.30 and then at 11.30 the school phoned to say I had to come and get Corbin…. He fell in class and hit his head on the table and got the side of his face and was feeling sick and had a huge headache so I went and picked him up and then went back to the hospital with him OMG OMG what a day…

So we got there at 10.30 and the operation didn’t happen till 3.15 and then he got out of the operation at 4.00 to go up to recovery and we left the hospital at 5.30pm OMG I hated the hospital and the wait wait waiting!!!!

Poor Quinn and also US - we didn’t have any food from 7am till 5.30 and we were naughty and got KFC for dinner as I couldn’t be bleep bleep cooking… I know it was wrong and I didn’t care as I had never had anything all day!! Not quite acurate I did care but Corbin asked if he could chose his birthday dinner and I tried my hardest to get him to go to Subway but got all upset and so I thought I would work my arse off tomorrow at the gym... but I am feeling quite upset that I ate it now...

So Quinn had his grommets in and they decided that he needed to get his adenoids out as well and I am glad because my poor wee man needed to be able to hear and he hasn't been for quite some time.

He keeps saying that we are talking too loudly and he said that the sliding door is making a funny sound and hubby said to him that it wasn’t making a funny sound it was just that he had never heard it before.

Also Quinn said that the cat was meowing too loudly and he was just purring he he he… he also apologized to Jeremy that he was shouting too loud and Jeremy said to Quinn “you aren’t shouting now you are talking normally” he just looked at Jeremy wondering if he was telling the truth.

I am glad today is over and I have the worst upset tummy from worrying about both my boys today and so today is over and that is good.

I have Quinn home tomorrow as he is not allowed to go to creche just in case he gets knocked or something like that so I don't get my day to sort out things again but that is ok... that's what you get in the big jobs.

I must say my hubby ROCKS... he took the day off sick to help me with Quinn at the hospital and everything and I know I wouldn't have survived this without him....

I honestly don't know what else to say.. I have lots to say about how I am feeling with my weight loss and with my exercise and other things today but I can't be fagged.. yep I know... scary aye.



Yep I know... not good food... a gain for me tomorrow morning... and I wasn't sabotaging Crusher... I wasn't... just that with the hell day I had honestly... I can't be bleep bleep he he he.

Goodnight everyone
Love CM

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